Goodbye My Love/Moving Forward

I woke up this morning
And reached over for you.
You weren’t there, I remembered
Now what will I do?

As I remembered the events
I started to cry
I lift my eyes upward
And scream to the sky

Why did you take him?
What did we do wrong?
We were finally making it
We had tried for so long

As I lay there and think
I remember the times we had
The memories flow
I’m no longer as sad.

A warm feeling spreads through
Like sun on my face
I feel light in body
Like I’m floating in space.

I lay there and wonder
What could the warmth be?
Not something I can touch
And surely not able to see

I picture his hand on mine
Warmth spreads to my fingers
I smile and laugh some
The feeling still lingers

The warmth is him
Letting me know
Everything will be okay
I am never alone

On those cold winter nights
When I long for his touch
When I feel so desperate
I haven’t wanted anything so much

He will be there to lift me up
To show me I still have his love
I still have the memories
We always spoke of

As our children grow and learn
They accomplish new things
I can feel his joy
Oh, the warmth that it brings

My memories are great
But his touch is better
When I can’t feel it
I just write him a letter

For I know he is watching
He’s helping me learn
How to live in the world alone
And for him not yearn

I have felt his touch less
Over the last several days
I have met someone who
Is like him in many ways

He will always be with me
This I’ve come to believe
But now I have found someone
A new love to receive

I look to the skies
And raise my voice
Is it okay, I ask
And hear a joyful noise

I feel the warmth on my skin
And know that he is near
Not just on the outside
But from somewhere within

He’s telling me it’s okay
To move on with my life
And not to let it create
Any emotional strife

So, now when I think
The memories are clear
They don’t hurt anymore
Because I know he is near

He is in my heart
In our daughter, our son
We weren’t separated
Our souls are still one

I place a letter to him
On the stone with his name
Telling him I’m okay
That here he must remain

As I walk to the car
An eagle flies overhead
He tips his wings as if to say
I’m still alive, I am not dead.


Tears Fall From My Eyes

As tears roll down my face,
I know you’re in a better place.
I close my eyes to see your face,
suddenly I feel a warm embrace.
With a smile so wide
it brings tears to my eyes.
I try so hard not to cry
all of my pain I cannot hide.
You always knew just what to say
to anyone having a bad day.
I don’t know if I will ever understand
but it must be part of God’s plan.
As I look up towards the blue sky
I imagine you spreading your wings to fly.
Be sure to give your Mom a sign
so she knows you are in Heaven,
and everything is fine.
Tell everyone there I send my love,
to all of the Angels up above.
As the tears roll down my face
I know you are in a better place.
You In A Better Place

Curvy Chocolate Woman

He liked his women big
He enjoyed curvy asses
He liked her to wear wigs
And experiment with glasses

He liked her to role-play
He’d bring in lots of toys
They’d play all kinds of ways
The games always brought joy

Sex was the main event
He liked to eat pussy
He enjoyed her scent
Liked her cunt a bit bushy

He licked her cunt dry
She’d scream out his name
Always with closed eyes
While playing sex games

She’d beg for his dick
Wanted him inside
He had a big prick
She wanted to be his ride

His hottie would dance
He loved her big breasts
He liked to watch her prance
While playing with her chest

He’d play with his big baton
Making him ready for her cunt
He liked that she was wanton
Making her sexy little grunts

He’d move over to the bed

He’d be on his back
He didn’t need head
Just wanted to play with her rack
She’d ease her pussy down
He’d get into her pussy hole
Time for smiles and no frowns
While his honey was in control

She moved her curvy hips
While fucking his big pole
He licked at his lips
While he fucked her pussy hole

Her pussy was so tight
While she rode his long stick
He liked them chocolate and not white
She’d move her body like a lunatic

She’d come like a racehorse
Letting out her sexy moans
He loved their intercourse
He too let out some groans

She’d want to lick his balls
And suck his cock till he came
Giving her man her all
Her throat is where he’d aim

A mouthful of his come
A night filled with sex
His woman was fun
She was better than his ex

Lick Of Desire

My wife just returned from a week long business trip & informed me that she had a surprise for me tonight. I missed her so much & my cock was aching for her touch. Bedtime couldn’t come soon enough. Dinner was over, dishes cleaned, I looked at my wife & told her I’m ready for my surprise. “Well, let me get ready for bed & meet me upstairs in 10 minutes.”

My cock was already hard & throbbing in anticipation. I head to our bedroom, strip out of my clothes & lay in bed waiting for my wife to emerge from the bathroom. I am gently stroking my now hard cock as my wife emerges from the bathroom also completely naked & looking so beautiful & sexy. She looks at me & smiles, saying, “are you getting started before me?” I tell her I just couldn’t help myself. “Well, you can stop now because I am taking over.”

I am instructed to come sit on the edge of the bed, spread my legs & lay back. My wife grabs the ottoman & sits down right between my spread legs. “Your surprise tonight is my tongue is going to lick all your most sensitive areas until you can’t take it anymore. You will be begging me to let you cum.” This is a new spice my wife is adding to our love life tonight. I am instructed to grab each leg from behind my knees & pull back to my chest. My wife now has full access to my big hanging balls all the way to my ass.

The minute I feel her wet, warm tongue touch my sensitive balls, I let out a moan of pure satisfaction. Her tongue begins its assault on my full ball sack, licking & sucking each ball into her sexy mouth. After many minutes of ball licking & sucking, her tongue makes its way down towards my ass. When her tongue reaches my hole & gives a quick lick, I thought I was going to explode.

Feeling a wet warm tongue lick my ass is an incredible sensation of feelings I had never felt before. The more I was moaning, the more my wife got into it. She was now licking & sticking her tongue deep into my ass. Her nose was pressed up against my balls as her tongue probed my ass as deep as she could go.

“Oh fuck,” I yelled – “I’m going to cum.” My cock is throbbing on my stomach with a big puddle of pre-cum all around it. My wife encourages me to let it go. “I want to see you cum for the first time without anyone touching your hard shaft.” As I continue to hold my legs back & wide open. My cock is staring right at me, ready to explode.

I feel my wife suck my balls into her mouth as she takes one of her slender fingers & begins to fuck my ass. “Cum for me honey, shoot your hot load all over your chest.” I let out a yell & my cock begins to spasm & shoot hot, sticky cum all over myself.

The first shot hit my lips. Many other shots cover my chest in cum. This was one of the strongest orgasms I had ever had. It was pure ecstasy. I lick my lips to taste my own cum & I hear my wife moan now. My wife then dips a finger in my cum to have her own taste of my love juice. Then she licks some up into her sexy mouth & leans in to give me a sloppy cum kiss.

“That was an incredible surprise,” I say. She smiles & says, “I wanted to try something new. I had a fantasy of making you cum without touching your cock & tonight we lived it.”

I love her surprises, they never cease to amaze me. I am truly blessed to have such an open loving wife.


A Whole Love

Ever since
I laid eyes on you,
I knew for a fact
This was a dream come true.

Everything my heart desires,
In one single go,
Fell into my lap,
Made my love grow.

I know now
My life is complete.
No more struggles
Or battles to compete.

Now I see
My future at last.
Up the life ladder we go,
Together it’s a blast.

You showed me
The true meaning of love,
My guardian angel,
Sent from above.

The heart is an organ
We cannot live without,
But I give you my heart,
In trust, without a doubt.

For years to come
We will become stronger
Together, hand in hand
And forever longer.

I love you
With all my heart and soul.
You met me broken
And made me whole.

Heartbroken And Confused

My heart feels like it’s torn in two,
Why can’t I just be with you?
Everyday another tear,
Everyday a lot more fear.
I want to hold you in my arms,
I want to keep you safe from harm.
I act like things are all okay,
But I really want to run away.
I act like things are all alright,
But always end up in a fight.
I cry more tears than I can count;
Why won’t they just let me out?
I tell myself these things won’t stay,
But I don’t think they’ll go away.