About Life

Life is fun,
death is sad.
Day is bright,
as night is dark.
The sun shines,
like stars sparkle.
We are born young,
and grow to be old.
We are born without knowing anything,
but learn what’s needed to be known
as we grow.
Just as life began
it too shall one day end.
At times we tend to find ouselfs with a
as for today we turn the frown upside


Love Is Hard

Love is hard to find, and even harder to get a grip on, far too many people trip on their own ideas of love, some purchase roses to try and manifest their feelings, but what happens to the feelings when the roses die, is love just symbolic or is it a concrete thing, is it something that’s built brick by brick like a building, does love have a ceiling, I mean is the power of love limited, is love like a gimmick used as a step toward sex, is love taken out of context and made complex, is it the beginning of something big, is it the be all end all, if love makes you rise, how can you fall… in love, is love like a lion or does it fly like a dove does love, live in the heavens above or below the earth surface, is love like a curse or is it a blessing full of lessons, love makes the world go round, plus it keeps you on your square, but be aware because love can get you trapped in a triangle, you see love takes different angle, sizes, and shapes, I’ve seen love produce hate and then blame it on a thin line, love takes time to develop…or does it, I heard love was not born blind…or was it, I know love saw me coming one time and started running, screaming bloody murder but I thought love was life, does love have a price, like do I need to put it on lay-a-way, charge it on my card, why is love so hard to find, and even harder to get a grip on, I thought love was one size fits all like those shoes that you slip on, or those ties that you clip on, I see now why people trip on their own ideas of love, well when push comes to shove I want love on my side, I’m looking for a love that will prolong my demise, I see love as a high elevation of understanding, so I stand in, around, and in between love, and then I’ll place her on a throne, so you can just love me or leave me alone:

Still Alive

still alive although I died
still around to hear
still around to smell and taste
to see what is when near

disappearing ego’s cloud
quickly dissipating
the space between each atom gleams
coalescing fate in

evaporation’s condensate
coming back together
metamorphing as I wait
it matters not, if ever

still alive I’ve survived
time has slipped away
into the here and now I’ve dived
there is no yesterday

all is light in endless night
everything is shimmering
even what is out of sight
sparkles and is glimmering

still alive although I died
between what was and will be
meditating I’m untied
letting go to be me

Rubbing One Out

Sometimes i sit in my garden alone,
totally unclothed while the moonlight glows,
and rub my cunt on this old cedar stump
as I watch my neighbors get frisky and hump,
sometimes i sit by myself at a lot,
its dark and its quiet and I get lost in thought,
as I watch this little white car by the post,
my car lights turned off while panties get soaked.
Sometimes i sit in a cramped dressing room,
and listen to women as they try on things new,
and rub my dripping wet cunt to the sound,
of zippers unzipping and belts falling to the ground.
I cant help the way these places make me drip,
so I spread my thighs wide and circle my clit,
and tease my wet pussy with my warm finger tips,
and lick them up clean to spread swollen lips,
and maybe I’ll even dip one finger in,
i’m so wet and so swollen it slides well and fits,
maybe i’ll try just to add a few more,
as women walk by and knock on the stall door
“hello is anyone in there?” they ask
but I don’t respond back
i just start to rub fast
and i get more excited at just the one thought
that they can hear me in here rubbing heavy and hot
and fuck I love it when they jiggle the knob,
be careful little bambi I might leave it unlocked
and then you’re stuck with me in a stall,
a hungry wet beast who went hunting at the mall

Fuck Me Like You Hate Me

C’mon Baby
Let me feel your Rage
While your on top of me
Center stage
As I’m tyed down
Over a 5 pointed star
The lust and hate
The screams of unfair
Unlocking that beast from within
Needing to be subdued
Take your place
Make me kneel before thee
Then strap me to the rack
As I writhe and grind
To break free
You really think anyone
will hear my screams


I’m losing breath after our sex

You fucked so hard my dick is flex.

You suck so fine and made me cum

You made my heart pound like a drum.

Now that I lie quietly in bed

My balls are heavy just like lead.

You than return fresh from the loo

And look around for next to do.

You’re still so hot and want more fucks

I can’t say no my best of luck.

So grab my dick and have a go

Although my dick purple will glow

Becoming The Fire

He had never spoken to me
Or whispered my name
But I knew his voice
Like the wind from the rain
And I felt his calling
My body trembled at the thought
He knew all that I was
And everything I was not.
I could feel him softly caressing me
In the corners of my mind
My head ached in reaction
Afraid of what he might find
My chest felt heavy & tightened
It got harder and harder to breathe
As I thought of all the places
He had been inside of me
I brushed my fingertips across my lips
I swear his presence was there
Sliding my hands down the nape of my neck
It was him tugging at my hair
My eyes fluttered as my head fell back
My lips parted to take him in
My body shivered, then set flame to fire
He would be my greatest sin.
One by one, my buttons came unfastened
Until my blouse fell at my waist
Down came the zipper of my skirt
Revealing a black corset, stockings & lace.
I could feel his breath hot on my skin
And I sat back on the bed
Running my hands up those silky thighs
I closed my eyes and saw red
I knew that had to have him
I needed him to want me.
I craved the reckless abandonment
Of temptation setting us free.
So, hands moved across my breasts
His visions played out in my mind
Dangerously seductive and strong
But unveiled, felt gentle and kind
I arched my back,
Slid my hands further down.
He was right there with me
Circling fingers around and around
I trembled from this ecstasy.
Between my thighs, I was so incredibly wet
I felt his hands pushing me further
I knew he wasn’t done with me yet.
So, I pushed deeper and I felt more
With every twist of my hips
I swear I could smell the scent of him
His sweet seduction was on my lips.
He was all over the curves of my body
He was in every bend of my mind
The more I thrust forward, the deeper I drove.
The more his face was all I could find.
Closing my eyes, I looked straight into his
My body was on the edge of desire
No turning back as if there ever was
My sexuality just became the fire.