New Blood In The Family

I had my heart broken about ten years ago when I was eighteen. There’s nothing unusual about that, I know. At some time before, I had developed a crush on my best high-school buddy… and had made out with him. He, of course, liked it and we did it a lot for the next year and a half. Then his mother somehow found out about us, and he dumped me. I was crushed.

Naturally, I made out with a lot of other guys during the following years, but have never gotten into a lasting relationship. But I think it was the thing with his mother that influenced me to try to cover up all appearances of being gay. I’m sure that by now my family and some of my coworkers have figured it out, but it’s something I won’t publicly announce.

My preferred dress is well-worn 501s, a white T-shirt and a flannel shirt, preferably plaid. I wear a mustache and beard closely trimmed and my hair cut short, and I work out to keep my body toned. I don’t know if I fool anyone, but to me it gives me a more masculine look.

My sister is going with a guy who is two or three years older than me, and says she is going to marry him no matter what the rest of the family says. And we have said a lot. Neither Mom and Dad or me can see what it is she likes in him. He’s a bruiser, and a brawler. He loves getting into fights, and if there’s a melee he’ll jump into it even if he doesn’t know what the fight’s about. He usually wins because of his size and strength, but he often has a black eye or busted lip or several bruises.

He isn’t ugly by any means, but he has a kind of brutish face which isn’t helped by his usual mean, angry expression. To me he looks like he might explode at the slightest provocation. But I have to admit, there is sort of a raw animalistic sexiness about him.

I knock off work early on Fridays, and as usual on this day I came straight home. When I got out of my car I saw trash under the hedge that runs across the front of our lot. Fuming about pigs who throw their trash for other people to pick up I went to collect it. I then saw it must have been there for some time, because it was two magazines, and the sprinkler had turned the top one into a mess with the pages stuck together. It had protected the bottom one which was still in a good state. They were both porno magazines.

The one that was still readable was all photos of men and women having oral sex. Just page after page of shots of men eating pussies and women sucking cocks. I took them into the house and for some reason decided to look through that one before disposing of it. The ruined one I tied up in a plastic market-bag and took out and shoved down in the garbage can so Mom wouldn’t find it.

My sister and I still lived at home. Mom and Dad had told us years ago that they weren’t looking forward to being empty-nesters and we were welcome to continue living there till we got married, and then they wanted grandchildren. But they weren’t too anxious to have Garret for a son-in-law, and as for me, they were in denial, or else they really didn’t know.

Dad had an accounting office where he did things like taxes and financial advising and Mom worked as his secretary/receptionist. I knew they wouldn’t be home until almost eight, but Elaine usually got home about six. I had tossed the porno mag on the sofa and had planned to flip through it right away and then get rid of it in the same way I had the other.

After changing out of my work clothes into my “uniform” I decided to trim my beard and mustache. I took the hand mirror and trimming scissors and went back down to the living room. I had just finished trimming when the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door I was surprised and a little annoyed to see it was Garret. He said, “Oh, hi, is Elaine here?”

I answered, “No, it’s still a little early”, and looked at my watch.

“Well, it’s almost time. She should be home soon. Do you want to wait?”

He shrugged, “OK, I guess.”

I stepped aside and said, “Come on in. You can wait in there” indicating the living room.

I followed him in and asked, “Would you like a beer?”

He looked at me as if I had said something offensive and said, “ Yeah. Okay, I guess.”

When I closed the refrigerator door I saw a note from Elaine to Mom saying she had made plans for the evening and wouldn’t be home for dinner.

I took the beers into the living room and said simply, “I just saw a note in the kitchen. Elaine will be getting home late today.”

I guess that was vague because he probably thought I meant a little late. But he really wasn’t listening to me because he had picked up the magazine I had forgotten about and was slowly turning the pages. I handed him his beer and sat down in the chair next to his knees. I took a swig of my beer and watched his face as he looked closely and a long time at each picture. There was no expression there other than the usual angry one.

Very quickly I saw he had an erection, and began rubbing it with his arm, as if I wouldn’t notice. But notice I did. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from his crotch.

Finally poor judgement got the best of me and I said, “Take it out and jack it. Give it some relief.”

He looked at me with a stone face, and then went back to his magazine.

After several minutes I said again, as if he hadn’t heard me, “Take it out.”

Again the blank stare.

“There’s no one here but you and me. I’ve seen guys jerk off before. It’s no big deal. Do it, take it out.”

Seconds went by. I wondered if I had stepped in it. He looked back at the page he had been looking at, but he undid his Dockers and pulled his cock out and began to slowly run his hand up and down it.

‘My God’, I thought, ‘maybe that’s what my sister sees in him.’

It wasn’t overly long, probably no more than six and a half inches, but it was really thick. My dick’s about that long, but six and a half inches on somebody else adds up to more than on yourself. Plus mine wasn’t nearly that big around.

I sat there for several long minutes, just staring at his beautiful cock and the way he was feeling it. Every few minutes he’d glance at me, so he knew I was fixated on his cock. I couldn’t take it any longer and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my brick-hard cock out.

Like an idiot I said, “Mind if I join you?”

He didn’t respond in the slightest way. Nothing. I jacked my cock much the same as he was jacking his. Every once in a while he’d turn a page and study the new pictures. We had both forgotten about our beers.

More time slipped by and then I stood up and pulled my flannel shirt and jeans off, leaving me only in my T. There was still no reaction, as if I wasn’t even there. After jacking my cock and watching him jack his for several more minutes I slid off the chair onto my knees and my face was only inches from his cock, balls and fist.

There wasn’t even a glimmer of notice on his part. He had gotten into it and was jacking it pretty good by now – but then the magazine slipped from his grip and he let go of his cock to grab it.

I said, “Here, let me help you”, and wrapped my fingers around his cock and jacked it.

He didn’t look at me but only my hand, and then back at the magazine.

I hoped I wasn’t going to get punched in the face, but I leaned a little forward and stuck out my tongue and just flicked it over his piss hole. He turned the page of the mag. I did it again, but this time instead of a flick I did a definite lick. He turned the magazine sideways to see a picture from a different angle. I leaned forward again and took the head of his cock in my mouth, ran my tongue around the head and then, opening my mouth wide, went down to the base.

He threw the magazine aside, let out a quick breath and said, “Oh yeah, that feels good.”

I went up and down on his cock, enjoying every big fat inch of it.

He grabbed a fistful of my hair and said, “Yeah, suck that cock. Suck it good.”

I looked up at him, and although it was the same face with the same features, it was different. The anger was gone and had actually been replaced with something akin to softness.

The next ten minutes were near bliss, with me going up and down and when getting tired, licking it all over, and him bucking his hips, driving it down my throat. At one point he pulled my head up and stood up and pulled off his Dockers and boxers. He stood there for a couple of minutes, face-fucking me and then sat back down.

After another couple of minutes of my sucking nonstop he pulled my T off over my head and then pulled off his own. I continued sucking and he returned to bucking his hips.

He got going really fast and said, “Come up here.”

I suddenly became aware of my knees hurting and half stood and flopped down on the sofa beside him. He started jacking his cock frantically, but I couldn’t just sit and watch, so I took his cock from him and jacked it as hard as he had been doing. He reached over and took my cock and jacked me, then grunted a very loud grunt and started shooting his cum. It landed on his chest and stomach.

When he stopped panting and his cock had started to soften he said, “Now you.”

I kind of just looked at him and he said, “Your turn. Shoot off. I wanna see you cum.”

I said, “Suck me.”

He said, “You’re crazy.”

I looked at him and said, “Why not? I sucked you, now you do me. Go ahead, try it. You don’t have to, but at least you should try.”

He wasn’t sure, but bent over so his mouth was just an inch from my dick. I laid my hand lightly on the back of his head and he took about half the head of my cock in his mouth, paused a second and then went down. He went up and down for three or four minutes and then stopped.

He looked at me and said, “Now, you jack it”, so I did, with him sitting there beside me watching me.

When I came it splattered, some on me and some on him.

A minute passed and he said, “I’m not through yet”, and stood up.

His cock was hard again.

He said, “I wanna fuck you.”

I looked at his cock and then up at his face. “With that fat schlong? I think not.”

He shook his head and pulled me to my feet. “I want some of that ass. Turn around.”

I didn’t trust that new soft look and didn’t want to arouse the mean angry one. I turned around and he roughly pushed me down on the sofa so I was on my knees with my nose pressed against the sofa back. To my complete shock, and delight, he dropped to his knees and started licking my asshole. It had been years since the last time someone had rimmed me, and I had forgotten how fantastic it felt. He continued licking and kissing and tonguing my hole for a long time and then got on his feet and put his cockhead against my slobbery wet hole and pushed.

My mind was saying, ‘No, no way’, but my ass was screaming, ‘Yes, do it, fuck me.’

Asses always win over minds.

I thought, ‘This is never going to happen without some lubricant.’

But to my surprise, my sphincter gave way and in he went, with only the slightest twinge of pain. He pushed all the way in and my ass had never felt so full in my life.

The brute part of his personality took over and he pounded his big fat cock in and out of my ass so hard and fast I couldn’t cry out in protest. With each jab in he knocked the breath out of me. He must have fucked me nonstop for six or seven minutes, or even longer. It certainly felt longer, but then he paused.

I looked over my shoulder at him and said, “I want to fuck you Garret.”

He stood up and his cock slipped out of my ass. “Are you nuts?” he asked.

I stood up and turned around. “Come on man, I let you fuck me with that monster pole. What about, ‘Do unto others’?”

He looked at me stupidly for a few seconds and then asked, “Will you eat my ass?”

I laughed, “Of course.”

He simply said, “OK!” and flopped down on the sofa, slid down on his back, grabbed his legs and pulled them up to his chest.

I got back down on my knees and looked at his asshole. It was a pretty one. That sounds like an oxymoron to some of you, but the rest will know what I’m talking about.

For the amount of hair he had on his chest and stomach, his ass was surprisingly smooth, with just a few curls around his hole. I kissed it first, licked it, then again and again. I tried to stick my tongue in, and succeeded a little. I stuck my thumb in, and then one and then three fingers, licking it in between each insertion. I wanted him to moan, but he only breathed hard and sort of grunted. I rose up and ran my dick up and down his ass crack and tapped it on his hole.

I said, “I’m going to fuck your ass Garret. Tell me to. Tell me what you want me to do.”

He quietly said, “Fuck me.”

I spit a wad of saliva on his hole and lined my cock up and pushed. He pushed back and I slid in, all the way.

He breathed out, “Oh yeah”, and I fucked him as good as he had fucked me.

With each of my thrusts he uttered, “Oh. Oh. Oh.”

The expression on his face had altered once again. The soft look was replaced with one of intense pleasure. He had his mouth open and without letting up on my slamming his ass I leaned down. He stuck out his tongue and I licked it and then sucked it.

All this was good, but I was watching that great cock bouncing up and down. I wanted some more of that. I pulled out, turned and straddled his legs and sat down, his cock going back up my rectum. I bounced up and down, fucking his cock with my ass. I was getting close to the climax and felt he was too.

I stood up and he said, “No, don’t.”

But I turned so I was facing him and sat down on his cock again. I resumed my bouncing and jacked my cock. He made a growling sound and I felt him cumming in my ass. It only took a few minutes and I came again, shooting my cum onto his chest and stomach where his cum still glistened. I got off his cock, moved up and squeezed his cum out of my ass onto his pubes.

When I stood up he did too and said, “I should go.”

He pulled his T-shirt on and then his boxers and pants, all over our cum that still clung to his body.

He said, “Tell Elaine I’ll call her tomorrow.”

I didn’t get dressed since I planned to go shower. I walked naked with him to the door, my satisfied dick swinging happily over my balls. I opened the door and as he started out he partially turned, reached over and squeezed my dick, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and gave me what I guess could pass for a smile.

He said, “I’ll see you.”

My sister has announced she and Garret are getting married next month. The only thing I can say at this point is, “Welcome to the family, brother-in-law.”


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