Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

it was good to nail her

and add her new name to my list

she saved herself

I didn’t have to fail her

and kept her parents from being pissed

Jennifer Taylor

is going off to Baylor

without her precious hymen

because she  lost it to an educator

when she sluffed on his assignment

Jennifer Taylor

no face was paler

than when she knew she was sunk

and the only way she was going to bail

herself out was to have to fuck

Jennifer Taylor

was quite a wailer

when she took her teacher’s tool

she screamed and cursed

just like a sailor

so she wouldn’t have to do summer school

Jennifer Taylor

she yelled and flailed her

slender upper body

as the man who held her hips impaled her

in a pussy packing party

Jennifer Taylor

had to avail herself

of her only opportunity

to erase the “F ” she had on paper

it cost her virginity

Jennifer Taylor

earned a waiver

for the project she didn’t do

when she performed a different kind of labor

as her teacher’s student screw

Jennifer Taylor

avoided failure

when the man devirginized her

but she got the passing grade he mailed her

and her folks were none the wiser

Jennifer Taylor

did what it took to save her

from missing walking the stage

when the girl gave her first sexual favor

to a man her father’s age

Jennifer Taylor

no bitch was braver

than this desperate high school chick

whose hopeless situation made her

have to take her teacher’s dick

Jennifer Taylor

still yet I savor

her delicious defloration

just hours before the “good luck ” I gave her

at her happy graduation

Jennifer Taylor

the “B ” I gave her

helped her redeem herself

and the hymen for which I was glad to trade her

is a trophy on my shelf

Jennifer Taylor

I hope I didn’t change her

from being a good young christian

but she  had no choice  and who would blame her

for fullfilling her urgent mission ?


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