A Wonderful Night

A guy and his girlfriend
Celebrate in style
Away for the weekend
They’ll be gone for a while

They walk along the avenue
Looking at Christmas windows
They enjoy the pretty views
The temperature feels like zero

They kiss several times
Under the holly and mistletoe
Their love is sublime
She loves being with her beau

He hands her a present
In a box there’s a ring
Tonight is an event
His girl loves her bling

The new year will be lovely
She calls family on the phone
She feels incredibly lucky
Her diamond is a perfect stone

They go back into their car
Drive back to their hotel
The hotel is not very far
The pair is feeling well

They park and walk inside
Take the elevator to their room
She looks at her ring and cries
He can’t wait to be her groom

They open the door
Take off their clothes
Throw the clothes to the floor
She’s thrilled he proposed

They hold each other close
Hands are all over each other
He kisses her nose
Their hearts do flutter

He plays with her slit

She strokes his cock
He loves her big tits
His dick is hard as a rock

She gets down on her knees
Wraps her lips around
Her guys begs and says please
She sucks his cock on the ground

He fucks her mouth so fast
She looks up into his eyes
Her mouth moves on his shaft
She loves to please her guy

He tells her he wants to fuck
He gets on his back she climbs on
He’s done with the cock-suck
She fucks his big baton

He grabs onto her hips
She moves all about
He feels her pussy drip
His girl is a knockout

He bucks into her deep
Comes into her pussy hole
Her pussy juices do seep
He comes so much with his pole

They lay on the sheets
kissing one another
They play footsie with their feet
They can’t wait to be married lovers

They both are so happy
She looks down at her diamond
Her ring is rather flashy
They both start crying

They enjoyed the weekend
Loving each other and having fun
Lovers and best friends
Their weekend is now done


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