Inside My Head

You’ve got inside my head;
Your hold so tight
I can’t escape.

You pounced:
Grasping me
With deadly talons
That pierced my heart.
Your claws injected promises,
Feverish words of love that
Ravished both body and mind,
Leaving me desperate
For more.

You’re an addiction,
A dangerous need.

Increasingly frantic,
I pen my replies,
Fingers flying
With a will of their own.
I pour out my longing,
My need for your touch;
A simple caress
Upon my cheek,
A wandering hand
Exploring my sex,
Bodies entwined in wildest
Throws of carnal abandon…

I mean to have you.
Those emailed whispers
Shall be repeated
Face to face.
Each crafted word
Of impious intent,
Shall come to fruition
In scorching,
Sweating truth.

I’ll stand before you,
Show you my hunger,
That ache that screams
From my fiery depths.
Your eyes shall witness
The lustful flush
That blooms across
My heaving flesh,
At the merest thought
Of you.

Naked, vulnerable,
I’ll offer myself –
A trembling rose,
Ripe for the picking
…And you shall pluck me.

You’ll take it all:
My love,
My passion,
The heated writhing
Of consummate sex
With a lover who craves
Her time with you.

You write of me
As a teasing temptress,
One who covets your soul.
And yet you come back
Again and again,
Arms spread wide
In helpless desire.

I think I’m addictive too.
My love’s crept inside your head
And taken root.


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