Never Alone

Child, child….Life goes up and life slams you down
But you are a spring and you will spring right up again.
Give time some time to work itself out
You are not feeling FACTS, you are feeling EMOTIONS.
Emotions are deceitful.
They act prematurely.
In anger, you snap at your loved ones
And then wonder why you did such act!
If you end your life because feelings are telling you it is for the best
It is lying to you because life is to be lived.
Curveballs of life, no matter how hard it aims at you,
Is not to break you, but to make you.
Life is a teacher and you are the student.
The master seems to beat and bruise a student learning the arts
He seems mean and cruel… as so does life
But, the harder it blows, the higher you rise.
And you will one day smile and see all along
That the scars life gave you can work for good
Because you will rise INVINCIBLE!

Child, Child…Don’t give up now!
Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs.
What would you gain if you ended up short
And never see the rainbow after the rain
Or never see the sun after the storm?
Do you work a field not to see the harvest?
Work a job and not want to see a paycheck?
If blessings are reached by going through the pain
Then, by all means, child, go through the pain
Let us find a solution for an immediate conclusion
Because the reward will be worth the price!
And if you need a friend, contact me…
I will be there through thick-n-thin,
Hold your hand and lead you through….
You are not alone! Child, you are not alone!


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