Lust For The Angels

Curved oval eyes glimpsing through my vision,
Broken lens among flawless imagery.
My humanity beckons to be harnessed.
She whispered with elegance against my ears,
Losing thoughts to the brush,
Lips nuzzled against my neck.
Songs slowed with her motion,
She climbs on top of my world.
The heat from her skin is proof to me,
She is not like the rest,
Her outline glows,
she must be an angel.

Stretching me back she taps on my chin,
She can exist in my world,
The reality unseen, this moment is unreal.
I’ll have to kiss her to wake up, i’m in too deep.
She takes my breathe away in a single bat of an eye.

Plush lips and vibrance rain over our souls,
A soft dampness on your tongue,
Cannot subside my hunger,
Spoiled by gods hand,
I crave more of you,
Fingertips glide across your leg and thigh.
Sending a sensation down your back,

Hair falls over, towards her ears
As a hand fits itself around the neck,
A raw human instinct, dark pulsing sentiment.
She gasps once, as our skin meets.
Eyes fall to the spell,
her grasp on the bed sheets lightens.

Sounds Shined lights on a dimmed room,
Her body glows with Tranquil warmth,
Taking me in from the outside storms.
Her curves become my horizon,
And her heart, a path layed with amour.

Her breasts against my chest,
The faint rub of her nipple,
Distorting the air in my lungs.
The details i’ll harvest as ripples
on the surface of a deep complexion.

A shine reflects on her lips,
Contributing a pinned-up emotion,
As i hold her down at the wrists,
Yearning thrusts to her tender skin.
Dampness thickens as tensions flux.
Loving her deep, teeth on her neck,
She is bursting with lust,
Tightening holds to accentuate.
Purity is perfectly personal
Angels will love you the best.


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