Give It To Me Baby

You touch me ever so softly from behind you rub your hands down my back you know what that does to me I am becoming harder with each touch you kiss the back of my neck it sends chills up and down my spine I love the feeling that it gives me I turn towards you and to my surprise you are naked

Your nipple are hard and your legs are parted you slid your hand into your crouch you start to moan you press your lips on mine you have your own rhythm which I go with you put two finger in my mouth I can taste your juices I become so hard I put both my hands on your breasts you are still kissing me

You breakaway from my lips and slowly make your way down to my cock teasing the head of my cock with your mouth then all of a sudden you take more of me in your mouth I put my hands behind your head as I love the feel of my hands there while your moving up and down this goes on for some time the bliss is unbelievable

You slowly take my cock from out of your mouth and look me right in the eyes you say softly I want you to take me from behind you walk in front of me and start to bend over you put your hands on the floor I can see your pussy it’s all deliciously wet I get down on my knees and take a taste it’s sweet as always

I suck on your clit which feels like forever but that’s ok I could keep doing it for a lot longer your moaning is becoming louder you scream with such force fuck me now baby I’m about to come I stand and take you from behind I place my hands on your hips and I start pulling you hard on to my cock your rhythm is getting faster and faster you ask me I know far from coming as I know she is about to explode I say yes baby I’m right there you push your hips hard into me and you moan as you explode I can feel your juices running down my legs I come deep inside you but you don’t stop moving

Faster and faster you keep going orgasm after orgasm I feel each one I’m still hard as a rock you move off my cock and you turn around and face me you tell me that you want me to come in your mouth you take my cock deep into your mouth you rub my balls you know when I’m about to come I scream out loud as I come you such even though you’ve sucked me dry you suck me for what must of been ten minutes you stand and put your lips on mine we kiss and you say to me let’s shower to freshen up and this time I want you take me over the chair nice and slow

Show time ………


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