A Wild Sex Party To Remember

I was attending our monthly bareback party. As always, I had cleaned out and greased up. The club rule is that any open hole is a target; if you don’t intend to bottom, wear a pair of briefs, etc. I had found a man I liked and had sucked him up, and he was returning the favor, with my intent of rimming his hole and then sliding home, when I felt a cockhead between my legs. As would any gay man, I bent slightly and centered the cockhead on my hole and pushed back slightly. Two hands grabbed my chest and began to work my nips as he began to press against me and I felt his cockhead pop my ass open. In the dim light I could see that black hands were on my nips. As he began to penetrate me I realized that I had a big piece of meat entering my body, and I spread my legs a little wider. I was close to the wall, thank goodness, so I put my arms out to brace myself and my fucker moved his hands from my nips to my hips, holding me tight as he bored in. My cocksucker saw what was going on and figured he was no longer necessary and moved away to find another partner.

My fucker finally hit bottom, his balls against mine, and I had that filled-full feeling that we all love. “Good,” my fucker said, and he began to lick my ears and move his hands all over my body, cock and balls, as he began to fuck my ass. I was doing my best to stay with him, enjoying the fuck, when he began to lick my ear and then whispered “You like nigger dick in your ass?” I froze at the N word, as I never use it and I’d never had a black man use it with me. Actually it sounded more like “nigga” when he said it, more like “Y’like nigga dick in y’ass?”

I fuck a lot of black men and a lot have fucked me, but none had ever asked me something like this. I just said “Sure,” and hoped that would be enough. “Y’got a hot tight ass, Daddy,” he said. “This nigga likes fuckin’ hot daddies like you.” The whole time this was going on he was building up speed, and I could feel his cock get thicker and hotter in my ass. Suddenly he grabbed me in a bear hug and almost lifted me off my feet planting his load in my hole. He was grunting and huffing but he really didn’t speak. I was surprised that he blew so fast, as I was just getting into the fuck. I imagine he had been fucking buttered buns for a while and was ready to plant his load and needed a tight hole to get off in. And he could have been uncut; my experience is that uncut men cum more quickly than cut men, as their cockhead is more sensitive from usually being covered up.

But just as I was relishing the feeling of a man blowing his wad in my hole, he pulled his cock out of my ass with a pop that left a little splat of cum on the floor. He had given me a nice load; I wished he had worked it in a little deeper. I was still leaning against the wall, both hands braced on it getting my breath back, and was about to turn around and suck my fuckers cock clean and get a good look at him, when I felt another cock probing, so I just held still. We all know how great it is to fuck in another man’s cum.

Once again black hands were working my nips, bigger hands, and a bigger cock, too. “I heah y’like nigga dick,” he said, and I said “You bet!” He moved his hands down to my hips and began thrusting his cock into me, and I realized it was not fully erect, but it was still spreading my ass lips. Once before I sucked a black cock and thought it was stiff and that I could handle it, and he put me on my back on the bed and put my legs on his shoulders and worked his meat into my hole and it kept getting bigger, stiffer and thicker till it became the biggest cock I ever had inside me. Every thrust into me he was banging my head against the headboard of the bed, giving me matching pains in my head and ass. That was a fuck I would never forget. Seems like I was about to have a similar experience.

Unlike my previous fucker, this man was taking his time and enjoying it. I kept trying to spread my ass wider for him, but in the end he was doing it for me with his big piece of meat. It seemed to get thicker and thicker, until finally I guess it reached its zenith and he began to pound me. “Y’like nigger dick in y’ass?” he asked again. “Yes I do,” I said. “Then you tell me that. Say ‘I like nigga dick in my ass’!” “I like nigger dick in my ass,” I said. “Louder,” and as I said it quite loudly, he was really getting into it now, going deep and hard. You know sometimes it is difficult to get off in another man’s cum, you need more friction. He was getting that by coming nearly all the way out and then pounding his cock in all the way, really giving my ass a workout.

“Y’want some mo’ nigga cum in y’ass?” “Yes, please!” “Say it!” So I did: “I want nigger cum in my ass!” We were drawing a crowd now. “Louder!” It was turning him on to have me say that, and I knew to get his rocks off I’d have to do what he said. “I want nigger cum in my ass, please gimme some nigger cum in my ass, breed my ass!” That did it; I could feel his cock heat up and swell till he blew a huge load in my ass. “Y’take my nigga cum you white bastad!” Perhaps two spurting strokes and then he pulled out and I felt cum splatter on my ass cheeks as he beat his meat for the approval of the crowd, who had been urging him to breed my ass. And as before, when I recovered enough to turn around and see my fucker, he had moved off in the crowd.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I top I plant my loads and I work them in till my bottom and I are satisfied. And if I’m bottoming I want to clean my top’s cock after he breeds my ass. You don’t suck his cock, as after you cum your cock is tender and that hurts. You take his cock in your mouth and moisten it and get to taste his cum, and perhaps the cum of other men, if you were lucky. Let it go flaccid and let all the cum dribble out on your tongue. Then, hopefully, you can share that good taste in a kiss.

I felt unfulfilled, like I got half a fuck twice. My ass was sore and dripping cum, but the fuckers both pulled out too soon. I believe the old saying ‘When you open your body to the root of his manhood, both receive pleasure’, but for me I want the whole breeding. I don’t want the typical porn fuck, pulling out when you get close, to jack your cock and spurt it all over the bottom, and when done, try to put the limp dripping cock back in the hole. A breeding fuck is planting the load and after you spew, keeping that fuck going till your limp cock falls out, or in some situations, getting a second wind and trying for the second load.

There is one thing that will help in a situation like that, and that is getting your ass felched, and soon I felt a tongue cleaning up around my hole, and as it relaxed back to size, kissing it and sucking the cum out. Then he licked up my legs and ass cheeks, getting all the cum off. When he stood up I saw it was my friend Alex, a regular fuckbuddy. I kissed him, tasting the cum of two black men, and thanked him. We walked to the lockers and got our cigarettes and went out for a smoke. Then we came back in and I had a quick shower to rinse off the dried up cum around my balls. It was time for me to be a top again.

Alex was #1 in line, standing by the slings, ready to suck me up and take a sling ride. Man it was good to fuck ass after the fucking I’d had. I took my time and enjoyed him, and I think he enjoyed me. When I planted my load there was a crowd around us, most stroking their dicks, so as I went flat in Alex’s ass, I grabbed the biggest cock close to me and said “You’re next,” and I pulled out and put his cock in position at Alex’s ass. He didn’t have to be asked twice, he slid home on my cum and began to pound Alex. Alex likes a good hard fuck, too, so he was hollering at him to go deeper, harder, and the men around them were telling Alex to spread wide and ride that stiff cock, and telling the fucker to breed ass. I went back to the locker and got my smokes and went out to smoke.

I was thinking about the two fucks I took and the one I gave and how great it had been, when a man came up beside me and asked “Aren’t you the man I was sucking when that black guy started fucking you?” I looked at him and smiled and said “Yep, sure was! Want to take up where we left off?” And he said yes, so we went back inside.

A different man was fucking Alex, so he really got lucky; that had to be number three if not number four. I know Alex; he loves to lie in the sling and take on man after man, so he was in fuck heaven. The second sling was open, so my new friend bent down and began to suck my dick, pausing only to say “You just fucked a man, didn’t you?” And I said “Yeah, I fucked Alex in the sling there beside us, and the man that’s fucking him now was not the man that was fucking him when I went out to smoke.” Alex heard me and smiled at me. His fucker was working hard to get off in his ass, but by now Alex had at least two loads of cum in his ass, and his fucker pulled out and began to beat his meat till he was right at the edge, and he stuck his cock back in and bellowed as he bred Alex’s ass. It must’ve been a good heavy load, as Alex was smiling like the Cheshire cat as the men around them hollered their appreciation.

My man had climbed in the sling and spread to reveal a pretty ass pucker I had to kiss and rim and get my tongue in. I tasted cum as I rimmed his ass. “You have a load in, too,” I said, as I stuck my cockhead up against his ass and slid home on a carpet of cum. “Yep, you’re number three!” he said. I thought I had tasted two different cum tastes. One of them had been a smoker like me, as that cum was salty, and there was also some regular tasting cum.

There is no better fuck than fucking in another man’s cum! I slid in easily and went balls deep. A white ring of cum was around my cock shaft, and it felt like a warm blanket around my cock as I began to fuck his ass. “I hope you like it hard and heavy,” I said, “’cause that’s how I have to fuck a man full of cum.” “Pound me Daddy!” he shouted, “breed my ass!” I pounded him as best I could, but again I knew I’d never get enough friction to get off in him with his ass open and loaded up with two loads of cum. When I knew I was close I pulled out and jacked till I was at the edge and put it back in and gave him the squirt I had left in my balls, and I kept pumping him till I went flat, urged on by the crowd that had moved from one sling to the other. When I finally pulled out, another stiff cock was ready and slid in on the fresh load and he proceeded to pound ass. I wanted to stick around and find out who I had fucked, but there were too many men around urging the fucker on and sucking the bottom’s cock till he finally blew as his fucker planted his load.

I knew this would continue, so I went out for another smoke to cool down and see if I felt up to fucking again. Then I went back in and rinsed off and found that the few men that were left were on the mattress out in the center of the floor, a pile of men sucking cock, with any open hole a target, so I just joined the pile, sucking cock, getting my cock sucked, fucking and taking a couple men in my hole till we all were drained. Then we all took a shower together and laughed and joked about what a great party it had been.

When I was getting dressed I saw a couple men were still fucking in the sling, but I was spent. It had been another great bareback party. And there will continue to be more great bareback parties in years to cum!


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