Damn U Big As Fuck

Stretching my pussy has always been a fantasy of mine. Just thinking about the feel of being stretched by a fourteen inches long and thick black rubber dildo with real life-like veins raised and ripping down the side makes my pussy cream. What I didn`t know was a real life big cock rammed in deep into my pussy until my hole was suffocating would make me squirt. And squirt so fucking hard. As the warm squirt leaked out my pussy and spilled splashingly on the bathroom floor, my knees got weak and trembling and my body kept declining towards the tile the more I shook even though I was fighting to stand. As soon as I got my feet together with enough energy to stand but thighs still slightly trembling, I stood and quickly spun around to face him, rest my palm on his skull and forced his matured face down, stuffed my trickling of my squirty pussy in his face, in his mouth, let him lick out the remainder of my squirt out the warm canal of my yawping pussy with his tongue.

This was new and I was letting loose. I had never had a huge cock in me before. My boyfriend, Michayle was about seven inches and he was my only lover ever. I was worrying about being stretched by a cock or by a toy bigger than his cock was and he would notice the physical change in my pussy and consider it loose.

I personally didn`t mind having a loose pussy, as a matter of fact I wanted it loose so I could shove and stretch it with the bedpost, with huge cocks, with monster dildos. He had no idea how kinky I was because he didn`t seem much into the kink, so of course when I saw his unenthused and disgusted reaction to certain kinky stuff, I shut down on him and didn`t venture into telling him how far kinkier I was.

Well as far as it went for kink, he only knew what I had confessed to him. I confessed that I would love to try sucking on a girl`s breast and fucking her hard with a dildo. Maybe a strapon with a huge bulby head, or a black face dildo the leather straps harnessed around my mouth and face, it didn`t matter how. I just really wanted to experience fucking a woman even for once. And that was as much as he knew about me being kinky. The tip of the iceberg.

I had already creamed a bucket-full just from this man`s slow stretching penetration into me from behind, doggystyle. Just from the heavy meaty feel of him painting his huge smooth cock-head up and down my slit, teasing me before he put it in made me creamed so hard that the juices trickled to the outer portions of my pussy-cheeks, matting the light and soft re-growth of my brunette pubic hair in sticky white, creaming both cheeks almost totally in white honey. He sunk the head of his cock in, he held it in still without moving, let his cock pulsed inside me. I felt it jumped and then he pulled out. Not fast. He pulled out slowly and carefully, using the shiny top of his cockhead to shovel out some of my juice on top of it, held his cock at the root and said,

Look at this.

I spun around and looked at his cock. He had a splatter of my creamy pussy juice under the opened-umbrella rim of his cockhead and all over the head of his cock close to his cockhole. His cockhole seemed to be opened up wider than it should be. I didn`t know if it had to do with how horny he was or how big his cock was but his cockhole was big too.

He too was looking down looking at my cream on top of his glistening slick head and he grabbed the root of his cock and slapped it on my swollen clit. Slapped my clit with the underside of his cockhead once. It stinged the peak of my clit and the stinging burn swelled from the peak down the clit. My pussy began to melt with sweet sensation. My clit hardened and twitched and jumped. It felt like he had allowed all the meaty weight to drop on top of it with his slap. Such a heavy meaty drop on my stiff clit. He slapped it there again, harder, the slap wet and sticky and stimulated me to do only one thing. Drip more cream down between my folds.

He cock-slapped my pussy again with his heavy cock right in the middle of my sappy pussy hole, slapped it again, again and again without giving it a break, cockslapping the mouth of my pussy and right after he slapped it in me, he slapped on my clit with his thick hand, a firm hand, fingers together, then raised his hand as if it was a belt about to spank and slapped in the middle of my pussy again, fingers spread apart. My hole was so wet one of thick finger slipped in. He quickly spun it around. I felt the twist and turn of his bulky finger against my drenched walls. He hooked it against my g-spot and held on it firm with tension and pressure on it. It felt like I wanted to piss or squirt. The tension, the feel, the press he made was perfect. My thighs wobbled as I fight the squirt from coming I wanted the friction right there. I began to rotate my hips on his thick finger and he pulled it out. Oh fuck! I gasped, Put it back in.

I wanted it back there grabbing on to my g-spot. My hole was empty. It didn`t want an empty feel. I wanted my pussy crammed and fucked hard and deep and good.

He pressed his fat warm cock hard on my pussy, wiped it across slow and smooth, his cock slippery from my wetness as he wined his waist and wiped his cock across my pussy and under it at the same time. I wanted to scream from the pleasure shredding my body. I wanted all of it inside my hole, want it fucking the white honey out of me, now.

He swiftly dipped down his head over to my breast with his mouth fully stretched wide open to greedily devour my entire breast into the back of his warm mouth but stopped over it. He stopped really close, only a tongue flick away from my nipple. My breast swelled upward to his mouth as I sucked in and inhaled deeply anticipating his wet tongue. His hot breath pattering over my left breast, he stretched his tongue out to flick a stiff tongue from under the nipple to the stop and my bosom rose heavily again to meet his tongue. It didn`t get the touch of his tongue. He pulled his tongue back in and never sucked over my nipples. I continued to feel needles jamming into all the nerves in the bottom of my belly from the anticipation I had skidding up and down inside me. The anticipation for his warm wet mouth covering my hard erect nipples, all my sensitive nerves bind up into a solid ball in my nipples, I awaited him clasping them between his lips, nipping the sensitive head with his teeth. He didn`t touch it. He didn`t even graze it. Oh my God I wanted to die.

Instead of me feeling his slippery tongue and hard teeth against my nipples, he swiftly sunk his cock deep into my pussy and my cunt was so surprised by his deep swift thrust it slammed its entrance shut, flinched shut tightly from being taken by surprise. An unexpected stretch in my hole. It was a sudden deep strike and my face opened up, my eyes, my mouth, my nose and I helplessly gasped.

Ooouchhh! With a wide open mouth that couldn`t re-shut.
It hit far and hard down in the back of my vagina wall where the wall began to curve up, right at my a-spot. And he hammered his cockhead against it hard again. I sucked swift open mouth inhales to withstand the pounding. He slammed in against my deep hot spot recklessly. The head smooth and hard and squishy, it felt meaty and sweet and spongy and stiff all at the same time as it hit against the back of my vagina wall. Fuck me deep. Deeper. Hard. Deep. Deeper than my boyfriend ever had.


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