You Can Knock Me Down But I Always Get Back Up

You think that you know the real me,
But the truth is that you do not.
No matter how much you want to see

If you can take me down a notch
Or two, I am not beneath you.
I cannot continue to get knocked

Down enough to lose my value.
You think you can take me down with
Your punches, but you have no clue

What I am capable of. I can make you wince
And double over with lots of pain.
I can go in for the overpowering win.

I am here to set the pace. I will stain
Everything with blood, sweat and tears.
I do not care if the storm and rain

Keeps coming. I do not care about our fears
Or doubts because I will silence them all
Just like the haters. I am not here for the cheers

Or boos. I will hit the floor and wall
But will still be able to get back up because
That is who I am. Nothing can ever be small

Or big enough for me. I am not here to pause
Or stop anything because life is a never ending
And fast paced world. It is not about the applause


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