Outta My Got Damn Mind

Lesson here is do forself before doing for others.
Did so much for others, then they threw me away like skeeted in rubbers.
All this bullshit has made me fuckin’ sick.
All this shit got me contemplatin’ on slittin’ these bytches necks hella quick.
I know it’s natas who has me thinkin’ these wicked ass deeds.
It’s natas who plants into the depressed, demon seeds.
It’s always been true, that nice guys finish last.
Conceited ass women take kindness for weakness,dog your ass then haul ass, laughin’ at your sorry ass.
You think men are more skanless and abusive.
Throughout my life it’s been women who are more skanless and 10 times more abusive.
These hoes get off on hurting and destroying men’s lives.
And all the while we keep askin ourselves why?
Why ask why?

Fuck these sorry ass bytches, i say an eye for an eye.
I hope all these damned demon wasp whores just fuckin’ die.
None of ’em good for shit.
I wouldn’t think twice about leavin’ them broken legged in a ditch.

Or just bury them only leavin’ them above ground from the neck up.
By the beach,so the tide rolls up.
Leaving these sluts stuck and hella fucked.
Yeah i’m ruthless,especially when those of the female race are on a mission to hurt and humiliate a man.

Let bygones be bygones?
Fuck that shit.
I be damned to let these hoes go after all that shit,man.

Females wanna be friends.
Friends to the ends.
Everytime i try that shit bitches lying just straight comittin sinz.
I keep askin’ my inner self, why do they gotta do that?

Just a keep on manipulatin’ me, with all that bullshit,knowin’ it’s hella wack.

If i were to unleash leathaface on they ass.
These hoes would be found all over town, face down in the grass.

Advantage seekers.
Meth head tweekers.
Stone cold phuktards.
Suckin dick lips,like justin biebers.

I hope all you sluts get what’s comin’ to ya.
I hope your cycles so bad your uterus just falls out,mutha phuk ya.

Sorry ass skanks, you deserve whatever hell is brought upon ya.

Whatever hell does occur, hell no i won’t be feeling sorry for ya.

I’m so disgusted.
I thought you could be trusted.
Never in my wildest dreams did i think you’d hurt me.
That’s what i get for you i lusted.
Hurtin’ my feelings, i pray your pussy hole gets rusted.
Full of 24/7 cobwebs, never to get dusted.

I’m a full blown sadists especially when i’m pissed.
Never shall you ever enjoy my soft lips if we kissed.

Instead i unleash my wrath, my judgment upon you.
Stank dyke hoes i hate you for drivin’ me,



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