My Glass Toy

Here I lay
My legs wide spread
Watching some porn
Half naked In bed

These naughty images
Make me so wet
I reach for my glass toy
My favourite pet

Slowly I slide it
Along my silky slit
Over my panties
So sexy and red

As my arousal grows
The panties must go
I reach down, tug them
Toss them on the floor

The smooth hard edge
Of my glass toy slides
Along my slippery slit
Up and down, to my clit

My hips they move
As I slide it deep in
My glass toy and I
We live in sin

The smooth cool surface
The ridges, the bumps
In and out I slide it
Nice and slow it pumps

As it slips under my hood
My pussy so wet
A proper pounding it gets
Oh it feels so good

Harder and harder
I fuck my pink hole
I fuck it so hard, so hard it hurts
My pussy it gushes and squirts

As my orgasm approaches
I just can’t stop
I pound and I thrust
Oh god, I give it a fuck

As I approach that edge
I fuck it so deep
This ridged glass toy
It makes my pussy seep

As I start to cum
I plunge it deep inside
My legs close around it
As my pleasure subsides

This lovely glass toy
Is my very best friend
The pleasure it gives me
Makes my lips smile on both ends


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