New Beginnings

Here’s to new beginnings.

Here’s to the newness of the sunrise,

To the dawn of a new day.

The sun rises

As the rays beam through

The cracks of the blinds.

Every ray strategically placed

Upon your skin

As you toss and turn in slumber.

As I witness the light radiating

On your dark mahogany torso;

Arm covering face

To block the light.

Nothing stops the force nature has

On the male body early in the morning.

Nothing stops the tumescence

From between.

It grows as the warmth of the sun

Gently strokes its tip.

Going down to its shaft,

It wakens a pulse

As it jumps.

Violently it slaps your belly button.

Undisturbed by the throbbing,

The body language tells me

It’s not time to awake.

The eyes sleep

But the body screams for release.

Staring intently

With coffee cup in hand,

I watch as your manhood enjoys

All the attention the sun provides.

You rise with the sun

I rise with you.

I close my eyes and fantasize

Our blacken bodies

Dark as the midnight sky,

As rich as chocolate itself,

intertwined on satin sheets.

But for now remains anticipation

Of what this new beginning brings.


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