2 Months In 

Dear Mr President Trump Why Do Still Make America Look Stupid By Saying The Things U Say. U Are The President Of The USA You Need To Be More Smart But Sadly U Are Not U And All The People U Pick For Your Office Are Bad For Business U Forever Want To Say U Want To Make American Great Again But All U Doing Is Making Other Countries Laugh At Us First Of All How The Fuck Do U Think Mexico Is Going To Help Paid For Some Fucking Wall Really Then U Want To Push This Travel Ban Bullshit I Am Going To Give U Three Reasons Why It Won’t Work First It’s Not The Other Countries We Should Be Worrying about The People We Should Worrying About Is Right In Our Backyard Second Not All The People’s Coming To America Are Bad Just Because They Countries Might Be Fuck Up And Third As The President U Signed A Order To Ban People.Now U The Hell Are U To Say That President Obama Had A Bug Place In Trump Tower What kind Of Bullshit Is That I Mean Why Would Mr Obama Place In Your Tower All The Other Places In The World That Would Have Make Seems And He Going Watching U Right Okay U Crazy If U Believe That One And Last Note U Must Stop Going On Twitter Or Lashes Out At The Media This Grade From Last Month To This Month Is Still A Big Fat F I Want U To Do Better As President Only Because When U Do Great That Makes America Look Great Until Next Month I Guess


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