Dirty Daydream

When life slows down for a moment or two
My dirty little mind daydreams of you….
My secret love with your forbidden fruit
I picture you in your birthday suit
You mean sexy man with your pudgy belly
And 8 solid inches that makes my knees jelly
If you’re being nice, you fill my mouth up
With your perfect rod, hard and uncut
Feeding my hunger with your raw meat
Starvting, I eat it up like a delectable treat
Sucking and licking till I get my prize
Faucet starts dripping between my thighs
Kitty cat now purring, all juicy and wet
Ready for a licking she’ll never forget
You work your way down, a one man race
Then I wrap my legs ’round your pretty face
Your tongue can do such amazing things
Licking and flicking till kitty cat screams
All worked up I’m ready for a ride
Climb on top I feel your love deep inside
Stabbing and jabbing, punching my gut
Groping and grabbing my little round butt
You then flip me over and do me like a doggy
Hitting it hard till the bedsheets are soggy
Staring at the booty, it’s calling your name
Inviting you inside, it knows no shame
Quiet like a criminal you creep in the backdoor
I cry out in pain and beg you for more
You pound it till I’m just a blubbering mess
Then you unload all your days stress
Falling to the bed, breathless and sweaty
I gasp, ‘lets go again stud, are you ready?!’
Yes, it’s dirty little daydreams like this
That make you so damn hard to resist….


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