Dirty Little Secret

Me and my baby
we got a dirty little secret.
No one else can know
so on the down-low we keep it.
‘Happy’ homes would be broken
if our spouses found out
the dirty things we do-
what he and I are about.
I know that it’s wrong,
yet I put up no fight,
betraying all trust
to be with him, day or night…

-To be tangled up together
our bodies becoming one.
-To kiss him hard and heavy,
doing what can’t be undone.
-To look into his dark eyes
intense with his desire.
-To feel my heartbeat race
igniting a sex fueled fire.
-To smell his sweaty flesh
and to taste him on my lips.
-To feel him deep inside me,
hands gripping my hips.
-To be under his control
his slutty little fuck doll.
-To feel pleasure in his pain
as he makes me take it all.
-To lick on his perfect love
like the sweetest lollypop.
-To feel the thrill of our sin
I don’t want to ever stop!

Risking all for these pleasures,
like sexual Russian Roulette.
And however this affair plays out-
-no remorse and no regret.
For he’s my moral intoxication
the drug that gets me high,
My momentary infatuation
too dirty and fun to deny!


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