Taken By Surprise Chapter 2

He lay there on the bed with Treva in his arms. After sucking his first cock, his mind was on “fucked up overdrive”, for want of a better description. He clearly enjoyed giving head to Treva, but he worried about what this meant to his sexual orientation, and his wife back home. “Am I gay?” he wondered. “Perhaps bisexual?” He felt lost and alone.

Treva had drifted off to sleep. As she awoke, a smile came across her face. She was overjoyed that this man was able to conquer his fears and give her so much pleasure. She decided that he needed to be comforted and looked up at his face. He was clearly worried at best and more likely thinking of a way out of this.

“Baby, don’t beat yourself up over it,” she told him. As she spoke these words her hand crept down to his cock. Upon her touch, it began to stir.

“Oh, no,” he thought. “I’m getting hard again. This can’t be happening!”

But it was, and he was clearly enjoying it. Treva brought her face close to his and he reached out to kiss her. He could still taste the stickiness of his cum in her mouth, and that excited him even more.

“Let me give us both some pleasure,” Treva whispered. “It’s a little different, but you’ll love it baby.”

He was in no condition to resist. For some strange reason he was actually enjoying this. He was torn between revulsion and lust, and it looked as if lust was winning.

Treva left his side for a moment. When she returned she had two toys with her. One was a vibrator, but unlike any he had ever seen. It was about eight inches long. It was very slender and broke off at what looked like a forty-five degree angle around three inches from the end. It was the end which both terrified him and excited him.

It had a bulbous-shaped head, almost like the head of a dick. “No way she’s shoving that inside me,” he thought.

But that’s exactly what Treva had in mind. “Don’t worry baby, you’ll love it,” she told him. “I’ll get you all lubed up so it goes in nice and easy.”

Treva proceeded to lube his ass from a tube she had brought with the vibrator. As she spread the lube, he began to get turned on. She worked all around his puckered opening and would slip the tip of her finger inside him. When she did that a couple of times, he spread his legs and raised up to give her more room to work his ass.

He was really worked up now. Treva’s hands and fingers knew exactly where to go. He was feeling things he had never felt before and he wanted more. “Stop teasing me, Treva,” he cried. “Give it to me now!”

Treva knew it was time. She applied some lube to the head of the vibrator and started to work it into his ass. There was a little resistance, but soon he opened up to her and she was able to slide it in and out easily. She turned the vibrator on, at the lowest setting. She didn’t want to surprise him with a higher setting. Not yet, at least. He seemed to be really turned on by this.

She used her free hand to stroke his cock. Her hand was slick from the lube, so his glistening cock glided smoothly in her hand. She wanted to suck it so bad, but she needed to pay attention to his quivering ass. “If he likes this,” she thought, “maybe he will let me fuck him.”

He was dizzy with lust and excitement. Treva was working the vibrator deep into his ass. The head was driving him crazy, and the vibrations were delicious. On top of that, she was stroking his cock and he was close to having an orgasm. He needed her to suck his cock in the worst way.

Treva could tell he was close and decided she would help him along by sucking his cock. First she needed to turn up the power on the vibrator to high. As she did that, he began to convulse in pleasure.

She took him in her mouth and she could feel the vibrations through his shaft. Now she was getting high with pleasure. Her cock was hard, but she didn’t have enough time to ask him if she could fuck him, he was that close. Any time now.

He could feel it building and he cried out to her. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” he said. He let out a huge amount of his hot cum into her mouth. And then he did a strange thing.

Treva was trying to contain all of his cum. He was spurting buckets of the stuff and she couldn’t hold it all. Suddenly, his hands were on the side of her head, pulling her off his cock and pulling her up toward his face. What was he doing?

He pulled her up to him and then he kissed her. His cum was still in her mouth when he did it, but he didn’t care. She opened her mouth and kissed him back, his cum flowing into his open mouth. Their tongues intertwined and they both became sticky and slick with the fluid.

He couldn’t get enough of her face. His mouth was filling up with his own cum and it felt good, real good.
When he broke the kiss he swallowed, part reflex and part curiosity. His cum tasted as good as hers had been. The revulsion he had experienced earlier had given way to intense pleasure. His own sexuality was being questioned, but right now he didn’t care about any of that. He was living in the moment with this woman, who had brought out desires and feelings he didn’t know existed. They had all night to explore the boundaries of his sexual being. Instead of asking why, maybe he should be asking why not.

He held her in his arms again and they rested. He wanted more as soon as he was able.

She was shocked by his kiss, but also aroused. They lay in each others arms and she thought. She thought that maybe this one was different from all the rest. All of the ones who, when they found out she had something different between her legs, had run out, had called her horrible names, had hit her, had humiliated her, had made her feel cheap.

Maybe, she thought.

To be continued…


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