Taken By Surprise Chapter 3 (No More Surprises)

Treva lay next to him, his head resting on her breasts as he slept lightly. He was different from the others, there was no doubt about it, she thought. He actually seemed eager on their latest adventure, even kissing her when her mouth was full of his cum. That had surprised her. It wasn’t an action triggered by lust, by the heat of the sex. No, he wanted to kiss her at that exact moment. She was sure of it. Perhaps he was just acting on his desire to be with a man by not actually being with a man. Her physical makeup was something of an out for him, that she somehow legitimatized his actions.

He was stirring now. Soon he would be awake and, when that happened, she knew what she wanted. She wanted him in her ass. Fucking her would be a perfect ending to this evening. Maybe he would want her to fuck him in the ass. This man was beyond surprises now. Anything he wanted wouldn’t be shocking now.

“Hello baby,” he said as he awoke. “You make me crazy,” he added. “I want you.”

He took her into his arms and kissed her. His cock was awakening as well.

“You have me,” she replied. “I need to know something before we continue.”

“Anything for you, honey. What is it?” he asked.

She giggled. “I don’t know what to call you, lover,” she told him. “You never told me your name.”

“It’s Kevin,” was his reply to her. He felt foolish that he never told her his name.

“Kevin, dear,” she whispered. “I want to feel you inside me.”

Then she kissed him, feeling his cock grow in her hand. He had such a beautiful cock and soon it was going to be filling her ass, driving her wild.

“Okay, babe,” he said to her. “But then you have to return the favor.”

She smiled when she heard this. She was getting hard herself. It was just what she had hoped for.

“Let me get you nice and hard for me,” she purred. She bent down and took him into her mouth.

Kevin always loved it when he got his cock sucked. It was so nice to have a warm, wet mouth around it, with extras like lips, tongues and teeth. He never lost that “Ahh” feeling when he was being sucked, and Treva certainly knew her way around a cock. She expertly licked and sucked him, using every tool at her disposal to enhance his pleasure.

And hers, too. There were times that Treva could cum just from sucking a man’s dick, but she didn’t want that to happen here. She needed to be hard for when she finally got to fuck Kevin in the ads, so she stopped sucking him.

She got the lube and slathered his cock with it real good. He was ready, no doubt about it. Soon he would be rocking her world with this huge thing. She shivered with anticipation as she sat on his lap.

Kevin placed the head of his slippery cock at the entrance to Treva’s ass. She was so wet and ready for him. He began to slide it in, half-inch by half-inch. She was real warm in her ass and she was shaking. Her position would allow her to control how he moved and how much dick she would take. He kept easing his cock up her ass until he was fully inside her.

Treva sat upon Kevin’s big cock and, once he was all the way up her, she began to move her ass up and down and also in a circling motion. This made him very excited and she kept it up. His cock felt so good in her ass, filling it up and making her moan and squeal with delight. She was getting hard also. She wanted to take his ass with her cock, and soon it would happen. First she had to work on making him cum. She would take all of his cum in her mouth. She loved it when a man came in her mouth after fucking her ass. She actually loved the taste of her ass mixed with his cock and then his cum. She could live on cum, she thought.

Then Kevin changed things once again.

Treva was taking all of his cock up her ass, and her movements were nothing short of delicious. “This woman knows how to take a cock up her ass,” he thought. He wondered how her cock would feel in his own ass. The thought made him even harder, if that were possible. He was thinking so much about her cock he did the one thing he hadn’t thought of until just now. He reached around her and took it in his hand. Actually he had her cock in his right hand and his left hand held her balls. He was stroking her cock while he squeezed her balls and the effect was nothing short of amazing.

When Kevin took her cock into his hand, Treva was startled at first. That soon led to intense pleasure, as Kevin grabbed her balls with his free hand. His actions with his hands made her fuck him that much harder. Some of his cum had leaked and, mingled with the lube, made for a noisy, squishy fuck. All of that noise, along with her own moans, made controlling her orgasm that much more difficult.

Kevin loved playing with her dick and balls. It was as if he were playing with a remote control, in a way. The more he stroked her and squeezed her balls the more she squirmed on his dick. He wouldn’t last too much longer, he thought. The sensations were just too intense. Her cock was as hard as it had been all night. He wished he could suck it as he fucked her ass, but it wasn’t possible. Just thinking about it was enough to send him into another huge orgasm.

Treva hoped he was nearing orgasm, because she wouldn’t be able to hold off her own if he kept playing with her. Suddenly he was convulsing, a sign that he was near. She removed his hands from her nether regions and concentrated on fucking his cock with her ass. She raised herself up so that she was now squatting over him, allowing his manhood to spear her ass. He helped pick up the pace. He was ready.

Kevin knew it was time when she removed his hands. She got above him and took all he could give her. His balls were swollen and it was time. “I’m gonna cum,” he told her. Just as he was ready to blow his load she got off his dick and swung around to take his length into her waiting mouth.

She couldn’t believe the force of his cum. The thick jets of his seed shot down the back of her throat and she couldn’t hold it all. It ran out her mouth and over her chin as she fought to keep it all in. Once she was able to catch her breath she sucked his prick. It tasted so good, covered with her ass juice and his cum. She sucked him hard and then licked the entire shaft. After swallowing all she could she went about cleaning him wherever his cum landed.

Once she was done cleaning him she kissed him deeply, their tongues intertwined with each other, probing their mouths. At this point she knew he would stay with her. No one else had ever shown her so much love before. This man was different. He didn’t treat her as some sort of freak, but as a loving woman with extra body parts.

As they kissed, Kevin reached for her cock. It was still hard, and he wanted her to take him in the ass. He reached for the lube and rubbed it all over her prick. She returned the favor for him by greasing up his ass.

“Baby, do you want me there?” she asked. “I really want to do you like you did me,” she added.

“Oh, yes, Treva,” Kevin replied. “Give me all you’ve got.”

Treva positioned herself just as Kevin did earlier, so that she could ease herself in his backdoor. She slowly worked the head of her cock into his opening as he moaned his assent. He was taking her dick even faster than she had taken his, such was his state of arousal.

Kevin was definitely getting into this. Her cock felt good in his ass and he began to move his hips and ass to accommodate her. She went easy at first, so as not to hurt him, but in a matter of just minutes he was telling her to give it all to him.

She was now fucking him harder as his moans of pleasure urged her on. She reached around him and took his cock into her hands, stroking it as he had done to her. He was loving it and, hopefully, loving her as well.

Kevin was shocked at how good it felt to have her inside him. Part of it had to do with her stimulation of his cock and balls, but the main thing driving him was her pulsing cock penetrating his ass so deeply.

Now it was Treva’s turn to approach orgasm. Her thrusts into his tight, hot ass became faster and faster, and the sounds of their lovemaking, the moans and shortness of breath all contributed to her coming orgasm.

Kevin knew she was close, and he helped her along by fucking her back as she pounded into him. He met her every thrust and it was a matter of time before she came.

Treva was in heaven. This man had her in every way possible and she with him. Now he was fucking her back and she was ready to explode.

The orgasm started like any other she had, that warm, tingling feeling deep in the balls which would soon spread throughout her body like a lightning bolt. Something was different about this one, though. The intensity of the start was way too strong. It scared her for a second, but she had to see it though, had to feel that incredible rush throughout her body and fill her lover’s ass with her cum.

As Treva began to ejaculate, the tingling became more and more intense. Her whole body began to shake and spasm, as if she were hooked up to an electric generator. She couldn’t control herself and her vision was failing. She had never cum like this before. Every nerve in her body was laid bare and she shook for what seemed like minutes. Her eyes rolled back and she was screaming out Kevin’s name, while holding onto his hips. She feared she would pass out from the waves of pleasure wracking her body.

Kevin felt it too. He had wanted Treva to cum in his mouth so that he could taste her along with his ass juices, but this was a strange orgasm. She shook uncontrollably and had a death grip on his ass to keep from falling over, it was that intense. Stream after delicious stream of her cum filled his ass and he didn’t know when she would stop. It felt so good with his ass full of her creamy essence. He was hard at feeling this and began to stroke himself. Soon he would be able to add his cum to hers, which was collecting on the sheets as he couldn’t hold it all in.

As her orgasm subsided, Kevin’s was beginning, and his cock erupted with its own sticky stream. The bed was full of it and they wanted to taste each other again.

Treva pulled out and adjusted her body to the 69 position, so they could each suck some cock. As they did, moans and purrs of pleasure filled the room, each one sucking the other and getting pleasure from their respective flavors. They lay this way for a long time.

Finally Kevin broke the carnal embrace and held Treva in his arms. Kissing her gently, he whispered his thanks to her, telling her how much tonight had meant to him and how he wanted this feeling to continue.

Treva was overjoyed at hearing Kevin’s words. She had dreamed of this moment for years and now the impossible might just be a possibility. She never knew she could be so happy.

After a long cuddling session, Kevin got up to use the bathroom. While he was gone, Treva’s phone began to ring. She answered it.

It was Marie, Treva’s ex-girlfriend. They had parted as friends but they both still had feelings for each other. Marie wanted to see her. The thought of Marie still made Treva excited, but she was with Kevin right now. How could she handle this. She told Marie she was busy but that she would call her back. Before hanging up, Kevin came back and saw she was on the phone.

“Who is it, honey?” asked Kevin. “What’s going on?”

Treva ended the call and explained her history with Marie. Marie was all woman, unlike herself, and they had dated each other in the past.

Kevin was intrigued by this, and also a little bit aroused. “Treva, would you like Marie to come over and join us?” he asked. “I’m sure there’s enough of me to go around,” he added with a sly smile.

Treva was torn but excited by his question. A three-way sounded so wicked, so delicious right now. She smiled at Kevin as she reached for the phone.


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