Taken By Surprise 

They met at a hotel bar.

She was across the room, sitting alone in a dimly lit section. She looked sultry enough, with a tight mini that showed off her slim, firm body. Her dark brown hair spilled across her shoulders and her lips looked inviting.

He was in town for a technical conference and he was only there for a quick drink. Meeting a woman was not on his agenda. He had a young wife back home who was hoping to get pregnant. Sex was not something in short supply at home these days, so it wasn’t even on his mind that night.

He was getting ready to pay his tab when the bartender came over with a fresh drink. He began to protest but the bartender stopped him.

“This is courtesy of the lady over there,” he said, pointing to her table.

He looked in her direction and she raised her own glass, as if to toast him. How could he say no to such a lovely woman?

He accepted the drink and then walked over to her table.

“May I sit down?” he asked.

“You’d better,” was her reply. “I would be insulted if you didn’t.”

He sat with her as they exchanged pleasantries. Her name was Treva. She was a local woman who came here for the atmosphere, he learned.

She explained that it was a quiet place to meet new people, and that discretion was important to her.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, as her makeup was stunning. Everything about her face was soft and warm, and her dark complexion was hot, like his growing feeling in his pants. Surely nothing would come of this, would it?

“Do you think I am attractive?” she said to him.

“Yes, very much so,” I managed to reply. She was beyond attractive, she was stunning.

“There is a quiet booth over in the corner where we can be alone,” she said. “Would you like it if we went there?”

He pondered the possibilities. “This is crazy,” he thought. “I have a great wife at home. Why fuck it up with this woman?”

But his thoughts were being driven by the throbbing of his cock. As much as he wanted to say no, to leave, he had to have this woman.

“Yes, of course,” was his reply.

They went to the booth and, as they sat down, she pressed herself close to him. “You aren’t nervous, are you?” she told him. “Don’t worry, I won’t bite you, unless you want me to,” she added.

His head was spinning and his cock was rock-hard. He was nervous, but it was a good nervous energy which flowed through him, giving him the courage to continue.

She leaned even closer and her lips met his.

Even though he anticipated the kiss, the forceful nature of it took him by surprise. “My God, she’s aggressive,” he thought. He broke the kiss, but she wanted more of him.

She kissed him again, this time much harder. She thrust her tongue into his mouth at the same time her hand found his cock, squeezing it tightly.

Her lips were so soft, he thought, but there was an almost violent way she jammed her tongue into his mouth, probing his own tongue with hers, swirling around it like some sort of dance.

He reached for her lap, wanting to feel her pussy under the mini she was wearing, but she pushed his hand away.

“All in good time, baby,” she whispered. “Let’s go to your room so I can get a taste of what’s in my hand.”

At this point his resistance was completely gone. She rose and took his hand. He followed obediently, lost in a sea of passion and carnal pleasure to come.

She let him play with her tits in the elevator. They were full and firm, with nipples so hard they strained the material of her blouse. He again tried to feel her pussy but she again pushed him away.

Once in his room, she wasted no time turning up the heat. She pushed him onto the bed and removed her top, displaying her beautiful breasts. They weren’t overly large, but firm, with nipples that stood out like two stones.

She knelt before him on the floor at the foot of the bed and removed his trousers, then took his cock in her hands. Her warm breath blew onto it as she lowered her head. “You’d better hold onto something,” she announced. “I’m going to suck you like you’ve never been sucked before.”

As she began to lick his shaft, a jolt went through his body as if he were being tased. Her tongue and lips burned into his cock as she kissed and licked it. A few droplets of pre-cum escaped from the head and she licked them up quickly, as if she didn’t want to waste one bit of him.

Finally she took him into her mouth completely. She worked his dick with her tongue and lips, sucking, biting and swirling around the head. She found the soft glans on the underside and kept returning her tongue to it, applying pressure that threatened to send him over the edge.

He had never had someone give him head like this. Not his wife nor any of the lovers he had before her. She brought him to the tip of orgasm and then slowed down and held it off. He couldn’t hold out for much longer.

She sensed his approaching orgasm, as he was gasping, moaning and bucking his hips to give her more of his cock. She intensified her sucking, using one hand to stroke the shaft and the other to probe his anal cavity. That last action did the trick, as he exploded his hot cum into her mouth. He had a lot of it and it was thick and sticky. She took as much as she could.

He looked up at her face as he began to cum and she was gulping down his load. Some of it escaped her lips and ran down her chin. He had never cum so hard in his life.

She released his cock from her mouth and began to use her fingers to wipe her chin, taking that into her mouth as well. She stood in front of him and prepared to take off her panties. “I need you to do me baby,” she said. “This might be a little different for you but you have to get me off.” she added.

With that, she pulled her panties down and revealed what he had been trying to touch all night.

She had a cock!

He was shocked beyond belief. There was no way he had been with a tranny, she-male, whatever you could call her, or him. His mind was going at a hundred miles an hour and he was caught between revulsion and something like mild arousal.

“Baby, I know it is a shock to you, but I really need to cum,” she told him. “Just hold it in your hands and see what you can do.”

She moved closer to him and held her cock inches from him. “I need it so bad,” she added.

He was still in a state of shock. He thought, “What the fuck? There’s no way I’m gonna touch it.”

And yet, he was still aroused by her, by her cock. It wasn’t huge by any means, slender and maybe 6 inches long. But there was something about it, a certain smoothness, cleanliness perhaps, that mesmerized him.

His body was ignoring his mind’s pleas to get the fuck out of there. He reached out and took her cock in his hand. It was so smooth, unlike his own. He had never touched another penis in his life, nor did he ever think he would, but there was something exotic about this. He began to stroke it gently and she let out a deep moan. She became hard and it excited him. He stroked her faster and it intensified her pleasure.

Then he did the unthinkable. He took her cock into his mouth, licking the head first, and then wrapping his lips around it. He couldn’t describe the sensation that having this cock in his mouth was giving him. He began to enjoy it.

Treva was beyond happiness at this point. She expected the worst, that he would bolt from the room or even strike her. God knows it had happened before. But this was different. He was kissing and licking her cock and seemed to be getting into it. She might even cum this time.

He was so surprised that he was enjoying this. He began to suck on her cock in earnest, doing all of the things he liked women to do to him when they gave him head. He backed off at one point and told her, “Just let me know when you are going to cum. There’s no way I am taking that in my mouth.”

“I promise, baby,” was her reply. He was giving her so much pleasure she couldn’t stand it. It wouldn’t be long now.

He continued his first-ever blowjob, sucking her hard now. In a perverse way, he was very turned on by doing this, as his own rock-hard cock could attest to. There must have been some pre-cum escaping from her, because it had become very lubricated and kind of sticky. That didn’t bother him, though, and he continued to gobble her down.

Her moans became screams now, and her breathing was ragged and short. It was coming, but she promised to keep it out of his mouth. “Darling, I’m going to cum!” she cried.

She withdrew from his mouth and let fly a stream of hot, sticky cum onto his chest, stroking herself so let it all out. It ran down his chest and over his stomach. She would enjoy cleaning it off for him.

When she came all over his chest, he couldn’t believe how hot her cum was. He had never known that it would be anything but wet and sticky.

She collapsed onto him, her cum smearing onto her own chest. She kissed him deeply and was surprised that he kissed her back. She could lay here forever with him. No man had ever shown her such pleasure. All of the others had either thrown her away or used her for cheap sex. He was different. His actions were those of passion, of beauty, almost of love, although she dared not think that love was a possibility.

He held her in his arms afterward. She was trembling, almost fragile in her afterglow. His mind was racing. “Did I actually do what I just did?” he thought. “Did I actually enjoy it?”

He lay there struggling with his feelings, wondering if he had ruined his life forever. He began to try to figure out how he was going to get out of this, how to erase the memory of the act he had just performed. He could tell no one, she could tell no one. His thoughts were all over the board and he wondered how to get rid of her without making her crazy, with the inevitable threats to come. He drew nothing but blanks.

Little did he know how crazy things were about to become…


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