Nineteen Minutes Of Passion Between Husband and Wife

“I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes; so we need to hurry. Are you sure you are up to the challenge? Oh, well from the looks at that thing down there; it looks like you are. Oh, my. How old are you again, Cj?”

The kids had friends over and were playing one of their loud video games in the living room; we snuck to the back of our ranch home to our bedroom. It was around midnight and they probably would be none the wiser. To be on the safe side, for noise cover, we turned on the bathroom fan to mask the passionate sounds of our lovemaking.

Locking our bedroom door in the dark and walking to our bed; there he was, my beloved, on his back. His feet were facing towards me. In the softly lit room, I admired my man. Sure, he drives me crazy sometimes; but I could never live without him. Nor his cute little boyish smile. Nor his strong hands. Nor that amazing penis he has been gifted with.

Quickly stepping out of my shorts and USC jersey, I walked over to the bed and took in the sight of my husband. He had the mischievous twinkle in those sweet brown eyes of his and a raging hard on. Cj’s legs were slightly parted as he slowly stroked his cock. I love watching that man handle his penis.

“Ok, my turn,” I teased; seductively crawling towards him across the width of our king sized bed on all fours. Gently and slowly, I ran my lips and tongue up his knees, to his thighs and to his freshly shaved scrotum and luscious hairless balls. Cj slowly opened his legs as I began taking him into my mouth.

Gently licking and nibbling under his sack; my tongue lingered in the smooth area just above his tight little asshole as I rimmed him slowly and deliberately. Freshly showered, he tasted wonderful. He squirmed in pleasure as I enjoyed his warmth and smooth skin. Working my way back up, I slowly opened my mouth and struggled to take in both of his manly balls. Gently, I worked them around the inside of my mouth like a pair of giant marbles and savored them. Again, he squirmed with delight as my finger gently massaged his perineum before working their way upwards.

Slowly slurping Cj’s balls as saliva drooled from the corner of my mouth, my fingers caressed his neatly trimmed pubes. I love running my fingers and the palm of my hand through his pubic hair and caressing it while pleasuring him. My fingertips traced a path to his engorged penis and slowly teased the soft tip under his head. Slowly, I ran three of my fingers up and down his entire shaft, feeling its pulse; before firmly taking hold of my wonderful man.

Sensuous gurgling sounds escaped from my mouth as I began pumping him with his big balls still in my mouth. His eyes were closed as he softly moaned and made those growling sounds I adore. I kept my eyes on him the entire time. He finally opened his eyes as we stared each other down as I pleasured him. I won. He says there is nothing on this earth as powerful as the determined look in my eyes while I fellate him. I am humbled yet greatly appreciative of this power I have over my beloved husband.

Craving the sensation of enjoying Cj’s tube steak down my throat, I delicately released his balls, took a deep breath, and not so delicately, began deep throating, my man. I was immediately rewarded with the exotic taste of Cj’s precious pre-cum. Knowing we had little time, like a piston, I began deeply bobbing his member, up and down, up and down all the way.

Several times I gagged and gurgled fighting for air; a primal sound we both enjoy. The passionate sounds of his wonderful penis choking me as it lodges down my throat, interfering with my air flow, is a game I usually lose. But neither of us complain.

Lingering for several moments with his dick deeply embedded down my throat and my nose pressed against his man bush—I came up for air. More long strands of saliva dripped from my lips and onto my breasts as I fought to catch my breath. Panting and very sweaty now, saying nothing, we continued speaking to each other only with our eyes. I repeated the process. Again, and again, and again. Down and up, down and up. Gagging. Gurgling. Slurping. One of his pubes somehow got caught in my eyelashes causing my right eye to tear up.

Fighting off the sensations of being light headed and desperately needing air in my lungs, I let him loudly plop out of my mouth as I shifted positions and literally collapsed backward toward the edge of the bed and onto my back. My head hung down backward over the edge along with my arms thrown all the way back towards the bedroom floor. We often fuck like this as I enjoy the sensation of being lightheaded.

Yet tonight was different. I was really feeling out of it and for some reason unable to communicate the sensation. I was now helpless on my back, wide open and literally at the mercy of my husband who would momentarily split me.

And Cj didn’t disappoint.

Cj entered me and did his thing while I lay there helpless beneath his masculine weight and pounding. He had me pinned down to the bed which is a tremendous experience of which I crave. Only, problem was, the blood was rushing to my head with my head and most of my torso prone backward as I had difficulty breathing. The lightheadedness returned. Big time. Yet he continued his thrashing in and out, balls deep into the hidden sanctuary deep between my legs. My hips couldn’t meet him now, I was too weak and nearly out of it, yet very aware of the fact that we were mating. And mating very passionately like a couple of animals in heat.

Mercifully, he began growling and moaning again, and I knew what was sure to follow.

“Hmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmmm, Hmmmmmmm, oh Kay; I love you girl. I am about to explode. Where do you want it? Want me to shoot inside? Or across your tits? Hmmmmmmm. Onto your ass? Aim into your mouth?”

Cj didn’t wait for my answer. Not that there was one as I laid helplessly prone in that position over the edge of the bed. I felt tingling in my arms, the sensation they were going. Which certainly was not the case for my pussy.

Incredibly, as I was about to lose it and perhaps black out–Cj (who is way taller than me)

with both arms reached down and in one powerfully quick motion; pulled me up at once by both shoulders as he shifted his hips into the sitting position. He was still inside of me.

Cj pulled me in close, facing him, in a near bear hug then releasing, I remember the sensation of my tits pancaking against his hairy chest as he reached under my knees with his biceps and forcibly bent them upwards into the sitting position. As my head started to drop back, he began working my exposed throat and pulsating jugular throat with little nips and bites.

I sensed pleasurable pain as Cj worked his way down my throat, branding me as his woman. Slowly, I didn’t have to fight for air anymore. My senses were gradually returning. He powerfully clasped both of my little hands into his strong hands squeezing them with love and compassion. My arms came back to life and I wrapped them around his powerful shoulders holding on for dear life.

Overcome by emotion, I wept. Tears streaming down my face I balled “Oh Cj, my dear Cj, I love you so very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for loving me and being my God given husband. I so don’t deserve you!” That’s all I could say through my tears.

In our entire marriage, I don’t know if we were ever closer than at this delicate moment.

There we were, naked, facing each other. Face to face, practically nose to nose. Our legs wrapped around one another, Cj’s penis still buried deep inside my pussy. Man and woman, husband and wife. Male and female. We were one spirit, one body, just as God intended and as Christ taught. One flesh. It seemed time stopped at this very moment.

Deeply gazing into each other’s eyes, still somewhat lightheaded yet coming out of it and regaining my inner being; Cj gently stroked my right cheek then kissed the tears from my face. I melted.

His face gently contorted, he clinched his teeth yet his body didn’t move. We were locked in place, molded into each other as one, holding tightly onto each other.

Tears formed in his eyes as he said, “You are my life, Kay. I love you. Never leave me, please, never leave me. You are the mother of our children and a beloved child of the Most High God. You rock my world.”

And with that, still not moving, from down within I felt the familiar and welcome twitch of his penis as he shot his precious seed deep within me. His face gently grimaced as he shot his load, still without breaking eye contact. He looked so innocent at the precise moment, so vulnerable, so manly. Oh, how I cherish this man. I didn’t want this intimate moment to end.

As he finished his orgasm, his fingers still gently strumming my face and without warning; Cj suddenly pulled out. Again he shifted his hips, still powerfully holding onto me, he maneuvered us off the bed, lifted me into his arms and carried me into our bathroom. Effortlessly, K took me to our shower; opened the sliding glass door and lowered me back down to my feet. He turned on the shower and waited until the water became nice and hot.

Facing each other, naked, we embraced for one last deep lingering kiss as the windows began to steam up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take the kids home,” he said as he turned towards the bedroom. I glanced at the bathroom clock on the wall.

It was nineteen minutes…


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