The Storm

When my husband moved the family to a small town in Florida I thought it would be difficult to find a babysitter at our home about 30 miles from the closest town. It was nice to find there was a bunch of local girls who babysit and driving out to country homes is common. The general rule is that the babysitter is on the clock when she leaves her house.

One of our sitters is Jennifer who is just beautiful, 5’5” with a perfect figure and long straight reddish hair. Jennifer’s friend Wendy dropped her off to babysit one evening and was going to come back at midnight to pick her up. We headed for town around 7pm, had dinner and started for home around 11pm trying to beat a storm that was moving in. We called Jennifer on her cell phone and she said the TV was out and that her friend Wendy just called and said there was flooding in the area.

We barely made it through the flooded roads and pulled into our driveway right behind Windy who told us her drive was scary. We all went inside and decided it would be best if Jennifer and Wendy wait a while before heading home. Around 2am the rain became much worse and we could see the water going over the road. We told Jennifer and Wendy to let everyone know you are staying here until it’s safe to go home and fixed up the living room couch with some blankets.

It was impossible to get any sleep with the storm so my husband and I played around a little, I gave him some head and then decided to check on everyone else in the house before getting down to fucking. When I walked out to the kitchen Jennifer was on the couch totally naked with Wendy licking her pussy. They had already spotted me, just laughed and said they got bored with no TV to watch. I told them that is much more fun than watching TV and stopped to get a look at Jennifer’s cute little pussy. I asked Wendy if I could cut in for a minute and she said SURE so I starting giving Jennifer some head while Wendy was getting naked. Within a few minutes I had my clothes off too and I switched around so Jennifer could lick my pussy while I made out with Wendy.

My husband came out looking for me and all three of us told him we were busy. His response to that was to disappear for a few minutes before returning naked with a big hard cock and his cell phone camera. He told Wendy and Jennifer to watch as his eight inch cock disappeared into my pussy. Wendy was the nasty girl who reached over and pulled his dick out just to suck on it and then stick it back in my pussy. My husband had a finger in Jennifer’s pussy and asked her if his dick will fit and she said “let’s try” so Wendy and I watched while my husband worked his dick into Jennifer’s pussy. I was surprised both He fucked her while Wendy and I sucked on Jennifer’s tits and put our pussy’s in her face until Wendy said she wanted to try my husband’s dick. Windy was a petite girl who looked innocent until I saw her push that dick up into her asshole. Jennifer said Wendy likes anal because it’s different, we watched until my husband’s dick filled her little butt hole with cum.

The storm actually washed out our driveway and Wendy could not get her car back for almost a week. When we finally got the driveway repaired she came by and said that she and Jennifer enjoyed the adventure and were ready to do it again any time


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