Use Me

I’m here only for you
to do with as you will.
I feel your red-hot need
only I can fill.

Make it relentless,
please leave me bruised.
Make me feel like
I’ve been brutally used.

Grab my throat tightly,
pin me down hard,
Be rough with my body,
leave your calling card.

Pushed against the wall,
tearing at my dress
Touching me…just there
makin’ me a hot mess.

Tie me up tightly,
laying face down,
arms and legs spread,
I’m your sexy playground.

Tease me mercilessly,
until I cry and shout.
I’ll want you so desperately,
I’ll leave you in no doubt.

I’m oozing pure sex.
It’s shimmering in the light.
I know you want it and
that makes me real tight.

Please come and take me,
I need your big cock
all pulsing and purple

harder than rock.

Throbbing at my entrance,
teasing my clit.
Suddenly you plunge
deep inside in one hit.

Send me into orbit,
eyes rolling in my head.
Sweet Jesus, baby
I feel Nirvana ahead.

Fuck me real slow,
then hard and fast,
don’t forget deep
I need to feel you blast.

My pussy tight around you,
clenching my walls.
Give me my prize,
from deep in your balls.

Cum hard inside me,
I want it real deep.
At least for a while,
I want it to keep.

Slowly untie me
Kiss me all over
I want to feel your love
for me spill over.

Whisper in my ear,
tell me I’m a good girl.
I’ll be whatever you want,
A Princess, your precious Pearl


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