I Thought

So I thought I’d keep it civil between us.
Just friends? We are!
Never thought you’d see me that way.
But then came the compliments and flirtatiousness, which soon came with seductive eyes and lip bitting that led to day dreaming of fantasies, and sexual thoughts of you that I’d only express if you mention it first.
Oh no, it’s just one of those phases I guess.
The late teen ages and raging hormones , I guess.
Love? Oh, no! Lust? Yes!
Or maybe…. Maybe it’s not even a thing.
But now, in my direction your coming closer and the butterflies began.
Breath getting heavier.
Heart beating faster as you hold me tight, hands on my waist. And lips on my neck, and chest , and mouth.
Ugh, those silky soft lips….
Hands touching and grazing against the skin.
Both mouths are now moving in sync and as the speed is picking up I can feel you harden.
Passion in your eyes , body’s seducing. You touch me where I need it , I touch you where you want it.
The speed picks up again and finally it’s happening; it was amazing and now it’s over.
Now as I roll over and open my eyes, though I am no longer dreaming… The way I long for you hasn’t changed.


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