I Wish

I wish it was so easy
That my dick find your home
I wish your legs were spread
And my dick enters your throne
I wish this cock that’s waiting
Had a warm , snug place to rest
I wish you would see it saluting
Ready for your burning nest
I wish your flowing juices
Would cover my entire shaft
I wish you have the desire
To be lathered in a cum soaked bath
I wish that you wouldn’t stop
As your hunger hits your mouth
I wish your lips to be next
When your pussy gets tired down south
I wish to shoot another load
Of cum that’s hits the ceiling
I wish you can drain my cock
For my body craves that feeling
I wish you would than slide up
And straddle my smiling face
I wish you would plant your pussy
On my mouth for it to taste
I wish that you can enjoy
My tongue inside of you
I wish that I had a camera
For I’m getting hard again from the view
I wish that our sexual passion
Will continue throughout the day
I wish my lips could explore
Your body there as you lay
I wish to see you naked
Everyday of every week
I wish you knew how horny
I get when you’re naked next to me


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