Spring Break 2017

My husband and I have a home right on the beach. We did some additions recently and turned our pool house into a guest cottage just in time to put it on airbnb for spring break.

Our spring breaker couple is leaving this afternoon and I know people here on the forum will be interested in hearing about their stay. Our airbnb guests were two college couples from Houston who were about the coolest people we could have staying here.

For obvious reasons I cannot give their real names so let’s just say “couple 1” and “Couple 2”

The first afternoon couple 2 headed down to the beach and couple 1 headed out to our pool. The rental guide we had e-mailed to them said nude sunbathing was allowed at the pool but not the beach. We really did not expect our first renters to get naked at the pool so when I happened to look out the back window and see them on the lounge chairs it was cool.

They are a cute couple and wanted to get a better look at that guy so I decided to make a walk by the pool. I put on my bikini and walked out on the deck to say hi and told them to enjoy the pool and to get some of the big beach towels we have in the main house.

They were totally cool and asked if I was going swimming, I said probably later. They get back in the lounge chairs and a little while later the guy put his swim suit back on and came over to the door.

I still had my bikini on and I could see he was straining to see by big boobs. We made small talk for a minute and while he was standing in the kitchen I gave him a blow job. He’s a good looking guy and had a big cock for a college kid. While I was sucking his dick he sent has girlfriend down at the pool a message asking if she wanted a drink, she said sure so that gave me another few minutes to get a mouthful of his cum. Nice Nice Nice! If my husband had been in the room he would not have cared so long as he got to take pictures.

OK so that was fun!

The guy I sucked must have told his buddy from couple 1 who had been at the beach the day before. I was lying out by the pool when he walked out with his girlfriend and set up the lawn chairs. I told them I was going inside for a while so they could have some privacy and immediately that guy asked if I had any water.

I told him to come up to the house and get some towels also. NOW! This guy was even better looking than the guy from the previous day and when he got up to the house I was definitely in the mood.

I asked him if he was ready for a quickie and he said yes as he took out a giant dick, totally shaved cock and balls he said he enjoys making videos with his girlfriend. I started sucking his dick and licking his balls, he wanted to fuck and was fingering my pussy so I asked him if he girlfriend would be looking for him.

He said she was on the phone with a friend and really wanted to fuck so I took off my bikini and he put that big dick in my pussy. He liked to fuck and after some long stroking he pulled out and I sucked his dick until he shot cum in my mouth and all over my boobs.


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