Fish Nets 

I came out with my fish nets on
singing my sexy siren song
Tonight I want you my love
I’ll coo just like your sexy dove

So out I walk
in sexy heels
Everything in black
I hear your lips smack

You look me up and down
a big smile, not a frown
Those are mine, you say
my big tits on display

Yes I coyly smile
winking, as you I beguile
You take me in your arms so strong
kissing me, I know it won’t be long

Your hands roam over my body and tease
My breathing getting faster, as I say please
You smile at me, and lay me on the bed
soon your cock I’ll be fed

Oh gawd, I’m wet with anticipation
as you look at my body with adoration
You undress me except for the fish nets and heels
It is a look that appeals

I feel your tongue glide so smooth
My need and hunger it did soothe
But now I want so much more
remember your cock I do adore

I kiss and lick with all my love
wanting it hard for you to shove
Finally the need is high
Fuck me now, my big tough guy

I buck and bow with your every thrust
so deeper you can go, it is a must!
I moan and cry out in pleasure
I am your sweet little treasure

We finish shaking and pulsing to the core
Tomorrow I will want more
You are my Vixen. he smiled at me
I could not disagree

I know how much you like the fish nets
How hot and horny when you see them you get.
So another night I’ll put them on
And I’ll sing you my sexy siren song.


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