Midnight Sky

My eyes burn like fire

the moment I look at you,

my loins on fire with desire;

your eyes are the deepest blue.

I reach out and touch your face

but my fingertips feel out of place.

I lean in and touch your lips

with mine, it’s like an eclipse.

My eyes have seen you,

I sing Jim Morrison to you.

The darkness of the sky

behind you, halo highlight,

you glow from the moonlight.

My heart beats faster and faster,

my passion heats my desire,

my desire is you in my arms.

Touching, caressing, feeling your

arms, hands, wrists and heart tingle.

Your body sways next to me,

the beat of the jungle makes

my heartbeat thump, we bump.

Under the stars, the night flashes

before our eyes, just as bats fly

across the midnight sky.


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