Here comes my chocolate
Wrapped and looking so yummy
Can I unwrap you and kiss you,
Your sexy cheeks and erect nipples?
Can I hug you and caress your beautiful hair,
Kiss your beautiful nose and soft red lips?

Here comes my chocolate
Smiling and waiting to be unwrapped
Can I come over there and taste you,
Your naughty beautiful eyes and blushy cheeks?
Can I bite your soft earlobes and soft blushy cheeks,

Kiss your shoulder and hug you from behind?

Here comes my unwrapped chocolate
Swagging the beautiful hip
Taunting and seducing with her eyes
Waiting to be tasted in her yummy little flavour
And cream at the centre.

Come here my chocolate,
Let me taste you and be immersed in pleasure
Come here, come here you sexy cream pie!


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