Beg Me

You kneel before me, you, whore in heat,
With your begging eyes and lips a deep blood red, your whimpers high and your moans low,
Crying out for this exquisite pleasure and my delicious brand of pain,
So addicted and needy, only one can feed you,
I could use you, I could abuse you,
I could damn well collar and leash you.

You’re hungry and downright depraved,
I taunt you, dare you to misbehave,
You see, one wrong look, one wrong fuck,
I can tell that I’ve got you hooked, I’ll punish you, that’s what you crave most, I’m not one for playing a gentle host, I could show you my love a thousand and one ways

But ultimately me as Mistress is your greatest desire.

Obsidian alluring, cold and controlling,
What do you feel, with each cutting remark?
Uttering only my name as you climax in the dark. How does it feel at the end of my blade,
To have the one who loves you most, turn you into a slave?
I don’t know what it’s like, no, I haven’t a clue.

Maybe this is what love is, sacrifice,
And in the end both you and I know,
There’s nothing which you wouldn’t allow me to do,
Because in the end, what is at the heart of you,
Everything about me makes you only plead and beg me for more.


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