Going To Be Late Part 2

With the bed our king size wrestling mat
Our bodies were free to let go
There were tongues and lips and arms
The prelude act before the main show
Jim’s strength was appealing
If felt so sexy to be wanted this way
I was twisted then thrown , on my back
“God will you get inside me ” I heard
myself say
His hands grabbed my knees
And pinned them to my chest
His body fell between my thighs
I wasn’t ready for what happened next
His cock wasted no time
Finding the entrance to my cave
With a thrust and a push and arch of hips
His pulsating cock had me his slave
He pulled me to center of the bed
He placed his feet against the wall
Then buried his cock , with one massive push
If I was fucked any deeper , I sure can’t recall
Again his cock pounded my pussy
With each thrust the bed did shake
For I wasn’t leaving this hotel room
Before many a orgasm I did make
God the power of Jim’s cock inside
God the pleasure that I was to feel
Never was sex so physical and pure
Never was my body so alive and real
He suddenly stopped with sweat pouring down
I was licking him from my lips
He looked across the room at the open window
And said ” hey , I’ve always wanted to try this ”
He got off the bed and positioned a chair
Exactly where the sunshine came in
He reached for my hand , walked a few steps
Said ” kneel here and let’s watch the day begin ”
With my knees on the chair and me hugging it’s back
Jim got his cock right in position
It looks as if Chicago might see
A Fucking from behind in a glorious tradition ……….


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