Loving A Black Girl

I love her black nipples
she drives me insane–
her boobs are so big
and wonderful
when she rides on top
of hubby, they bounce
like peaches on a tree
she calls me her white whore
she makes hubby rock hard
when she rides on top
I service her and
suck her nipples very hard
we orally French kiss
while she rides…
I like her dark
stubble armpits
and her very hairy pussy
hubby is rock hard
during the encounter
I get on my knees
with Yvette and
we make out very hard
she bites my lip
and calls me a tramp
we both suck hubby’s
Yvette plays games
with the cock
and slaps me in
the face with it
Yvette shows me new tricks
and I show her new things
then I ride on top
and Yvette kisses me
long and deep
she says my pink nipples
are delicious and it
turns her on
to orally satisfy herself
on my tits
she licks my nipples
and goes in circles
with her tongue
and I return doing
the same
hubby cannot stand
the pressure
it gets too intense
and he has to cum
then we get him
rock hard again
and he rides us
with his dry bone
during the mount
and doggie style
I have Yvette French kiss
me from the front
and she likes to make out
she touches my tits
and calls me a whore
the most sexual thing
is when we ride on
top and take turns
using hubby’s cock
as a never ending
mounting and re-mounting
and moaning
and grinding
and then we get oral
on the kitchen floor
and Yvette yells
“suck that white cock
you fucken’ whore”
and I suck
when hubby cums
Yvette holds the
cock and squirts the
semen on my face
we make out
in the messy glue
and fuck
we both came
several times
when hubby goes to
work, I secretly call
and she is my whore
hubby does not know
of our relationship
I eat her toes and her ass
I fondle her and suck her
pussy repeatedly
we lay in a pool of
woman’s sweat and
desires and
lusty and dirty
I cannot stop
she cannot stop
we are addicted to
each other
I am so horny
and she is horny
loving a black girl


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