Magic Carpet Ride

I’m floating
Feeling your breath in my ear
Tender caresses so velvet-soft, up and down my spine
My ears are ringing
My hips moving with the rhythm-keeping up with the tempo of the melodic chime
I am light as a feather
You are stiff as a board
My body is your spaceship
Take me for a ride to your galaxy- let’s explore
Riding fast as lightning through the stratosphere
Up,up and away!
Then exploding together like the big bang theory
Falling back to earth like wayward shooting stars
How you make me feel
How you make my heart race fast-skip beats
My god it’s amazing!
This feeling-don’t let it stop!
Don’t let it end!
Yes! Again! Again!
Make the world turn topsy-turvey
I am a safe place to hide
A soft place to land
I close my eyes, hold my breath as we begin again
What you do to me!
I feel your energy flow through me
As we two become one
In our own universe
One cosmic entity


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