Oiled Up

My hard cock
Your oiled hands
My body stretched out
Naked as I can
Oiled all over
Start with my balls
Entire exposure
Fingers enthralled
Stop will not happen
Pleasure my gain
Hands are your weapon
Eruption untamed
Stroke so freely
All up and down
Graceful so unseemly
Circle round and round
My bodies alive
Screaming “please faster”
You soon realize
Yours hands are my master
One hands grips
One hand strokes
My body on a trip
My snake you awoke
I’m screaming out loud
You’re my sexual master
More pleasure allowed
“I’m going to CUMMMM !
I whisper a scream
You’ll never be done
Here’s comes my cream
The more I explode
The more you rub
As I reload
Your hands give a tug
More mayo shoots out
Weakens my entire bod
The pure ecstasy
The heighten magic
My final fantasy
Exhausting and romantic
I ve never felt better
My dick being a trophy
You’ve never been wetter
juices dripping from your pussy
Slide up my chest
Your oiled up clit
Get ready , get set
My hungry tongue flicks .


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