Pirate Love

You come to me in my dreams on a pirate ship at night.
Sneaking into the quiet cove of my mind under cover of darkness.
Full moonlight shimmers on the deck,
On your rugged musculature,
Your smooth skin and soft beard.
I watch the muscles ripple under the surface as you approach me
Mouth slightly open, lips shiny with anticipation.
Your crew watches you lead me out of their sight;
I could have them- any one- but
I want only you. Always you.
The cool breeze hardens my nipples as you push the bodice aside.
You fumble with them roughly,
Though your soft tongue laps them softly
Before sucking their sensitivity into your warm mouth.
Hands under my skirt, insistent
Cupping and squeezing the plump camel-toe lips,
Pulling my ass firmly forward until our hip bones meet.
I feel the warmth, the heaviness, the thrust
Of your cock against my belly.
I fall to my knees in front of you,
Take your beautiful cock in my small mouth
And suck a long, warm pull
Trying desperately to fill my mouth with your cock
While gazing into the depths of those dark, brooding eyes.
I’m yours. Do what you will with me.
Just don’t turn away.

Satiated orally, I rise, turn, and bend over
Offering the delectable porno ass for you to worship-
Squeeze it, smack it, bite it… lightly, my love.
Then, yes then, rub your hard, warm, raging cock all over
Before plunging it deep into my
Warm, wet, soft, glowing pink pussy.
Can you imagine the glorious pink tunnel in your mind’s eye?
Should I turn around, lay down and lift my legs,
Spread wide open my plush, wet pussy lips,
So you don’t have to imagine.
Look at my beautiful pussy!
Devour my hungry, horny pussy!
I’m yours. Do what you will with me.
Just don’t turn away.


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