Til My Dying Day

What is it about you,
That makes my heart flutter.
My body doth stir
To the beat of your tune.
And with every note you play,
And every rest you take,
It feeds my hunger, ’til my dying day.

In you I see Beauty, and the Beast.
The beauty I will follow,
And I yearn to tame your beast.
Yet I need your strength
To teach me these things.
How can I be?
Without you beside me, ’til my dying day.

As we age we see,
That not all is beauty.
But I never waver
As the years are forever lost.

When our eyes doth see,
My love for you,
And its reflection in me, ’til my dying day.
And here we are,
So much water and so many bridges.
Coupled together
Over those platinum years.
My heart still flutters,
And my body still stirs,
In ways that now differ, ’til my dying day.

I want there to be,
A place for us.
Where we come together,
In love, or in lust.
I will never fail to want to see,
Into those eyes, that I have loved,
I know you feel the same for me, ’til our dying day.


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