Take My Hand Again

You should be able to see
When I am struggling to be
Cold winds howl and shake
It’s harder now for me to wake

This year you’ve turned blind
Leaving me to flounder in my mind
Years past you’ve held my hand
Don’t leave me alone in this wasteland

Back and forth, up an down, good and bad
I can’t have taken all that you had
Reach for me before I fall into the abyss
I’ll try to catch your hand, pray I don’t miss

Just another winter, for us the norm
You knew when you signed the form

Winter isn’t all that bad, all of the time
Remember we have fun, some days I’m fine
It’s far too late for forgetting now
I need a word from you, you know how
Your touch can remind me of how warm
I can be again, I’ll return to form

A hand is all I ask, reaching for me
Pushing aside the dark, to set me free
Being with you is all I want or need
Without you my heart will begin to bleed

So once again this winter, I plead
Take my hand and lead


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