The Beautiful Taboo

“No, I’ll be there,” Meribal said into the phone. “ I just can’t stay very long today, that’s all. I know, I have too. I’ll be there. Give me twenty minutes.”

She gently put the office phone down and walked quickly into the toilet, where she spat as much as she could onto some folded tissue paper and wiped herself around the back. The front she had already done and anyway, it wasn’t so important.

“Back in an hour,” she said breezily to her P.A. as the girl watched her leave.

Meribal walked briskly. It was a cool day and she enjoyed getting this bit of exercise if it wasn’t too warm, which was rare, or raining, which was much more likely. Today was perfect. Even though she had two-inch heels on, she felt quite athletic as she sashayed down the street, turned left into a side street and marched up it until she reached the tanning salon and nail bar which Cassie ran.

There were no customers, she noted happily as she slipped into the shop. Cassie must be out the back. Then a door opened and Cassie walked through it with a half-smile and a nod.

They had met just a week earlier when Meribal had popped in for a quick nail job and they had got along very well. Meribal had enjoyed the feeling of Cassie’s hands on hers and although nothing more intimate had taken place, she had made up her mind that it would in the future. Now was that future.

They had exchanged texts, tiptoeing through the tulips of politeness and doubt until it had become obvious to Meribal that the other woman must be thinking the same as she did, or she wouldn’t have stayed in contact. The first day that Cassie texted first was a milestone.

They had moved on to email. They lived a couple of miles apart and were both busy, Cassie mainly at lunchtime and Meribal the rest of the time.

The messages had become more intimate and eventually they had sent each other links to porn sites that catered for what became clear was a mutual interest. From that point, it was a case of who would do it to whom, and both had been relieved to find that their roles were clearly defined.

Then it was all a matter of when and where. Meribal’s husband was used to her having meetings, but not in the evenings, so daytime was safest for her.

As for Cassie, she had had to shuffle some appointments and even cancel one particular customer altogether. So today was the day. And then Meribal had suddenly been pressed by a client to make a presentation for which she wasn’t ready, but she had scheduled it for four pm. Preparation was the key, so she had gone in to the office early and would do the last-minute tweaks after lunch.

Cassie locked the door and put up the closed sign.

They went into the back room, where two sunbeds sat side by side. A cream leather sofa was against the wall, and Cassie gestured for Meribal to sit on it. They sat together and without further discussion they kissed.

Meribal slid a hand under Cassie’s top and Cassie slid her hand up Meribal’s skirt. They kissed and explored and kissed more intensely until Meribal suddenly stood up.

“As I said,” she explained, “ I really do have to be quick. Sorry.”

With that, she slipped out of her jacket, unbuttoned her blouse and put them over a chair, then whipped off her bra and felt Cassie drool at the sight of her beautiful, large breasts. They had planned exactly what they were going to do, so Meribal was confident the other wouldn’t be offended or feel she was being presumptuous.

Cassie stood up and pulled her t-shirt over her head, then pulled her own bra off. She had small breasts with tiny areaolas and was self-conscious about them. As if sensing this, Meribal kissed each one before returning to the first to suck it. Then she stood straight again and unzipped her pencil skirt. She placed it neatly on top of her jacket. She walked to the sofa, where Cassie was sitting down again, her bare top half radiant above her pink jeans.

Cassie knew her job. She hooked her fingers into either side of Meribal’s thong and pulled it down to her ankles. When Meribal stepped out of it Cassie put the string to her nose and gently sniffed.

Meribel knelt sideways on the sofa, as the girls in the videos had, her elbows on the upholstered arm. Cassie knelt behind her and gazed in wonder at this wonderful naked woman. She kissed Meribal’s buttocks and then placed her hands on them as she lowered her face. She didn’t need to pull this slim woman’s buttocks apart because her smart little bottom was open for business anyway.

Cassie licked Meribal’s anus. She licked it up the left side, her tongue trailing languidly up the inside of the woman’s left buttock. This cute little anus was neat and tidy, a classic brown eye, and the buttocks were smooth, without the unfortunate pimples that afflicted some actresses in the videos.

Cassie had been wanting to do this to someone for ages, years. She was very grateful that her first time was with such a gorgeous woman. Meribal moaned with pleasure as Cassie’s loving tongue gave slow, firm and deliberate pleasure to the nerve endings in this taboo place, this place where the occasional man had strayed but never stayed.

Cassie licked Meribal’s arse, the word they had both agreed to use. Tushies were too twee and American, bums had no dignity. Meribel had a beautiful arsehole and Cassie had the most attentive, most adoring tongue that wanted to lick her arse until she came.

That, as it turned out, did not take long. With an erotic power that she didn’t know she possessed, Cassie brought her lover to orgasm skillfully, quickly and beautifully. Meribel pressed herself back onto the girl’s face and shivered with the rude, dirty, liberating thrill of it. As she subsided afterwards, she felt briefly guilty that Cassie would not be coming too, even though they had discussed that and Cassie had said making her come would be pleasure enough.

All the same, Meribal now knelt on the floor in front of Cassie, unzipped her jeans and told her to turn around and bend over. She did to her what she had received, but briefly. She got her tongue right into the other girl’s cleft and poured love and desire through it, her saliva a promise of more to come.

Then she stood up.

“Next time,” she said breathlessly before they kissed urgently and deeply, smelling each other’s naughty depths on their faces.


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