It’s Love

Your mind is gone and you can’t breathe;
you’re so confused you start to seethe.
Your head is fogged, your eyesight dim,
you start to giggle on a whim.

Now nothing seems to feel the same,
you can’t remember your own name.
Your stomach heaves, your chest does too.
You’re lost and don’t know what to do.

You hear but you don’t understand.
You swallow but it feels like sand.
You try to talk but there’s no sound;
you feel you’re floating off the ground

All sights and sounds will move slow mo
your heart is tossed first to then fro.
Soon butterflies will flutter by

and bees will buzz so loud you’ll cry.
You first feel cold and then feel hot,
you think you’re dying, but you’re not.
So flustered, you have turned beet red
and still don’t know just what you said.

You speak and words all come out wrong,
you wish you’d kept still all along.
You feel so lost, you act the fool,
you feel like you were back in school.

You know what’s wrong? I’ll tell you true.
You’re acting just like all men do…
your heart’s found where it wants to nest
and now you know you’re in love’s test.


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