Soak & Wet

Soak and wet leave your sheets
Flooded out like Katrina
We are going to need a boat
Swimming in your juices
Like a lifeguard
Trying to stay above water
Aquafina soak and wet
Leaking all over the place
As you put that pussy in my face
Licking that pussy as I suck on that clit
You gripping my head like a glove
The perfect fit
Clinching on me like a fist fight
And I am going to beat that up
Turning out the lights
Like teddy Pendergrass
Tearing that pussy up
Like R Kelly keeping it on the down low
Nobody has to know
I am the best that ever done it
The King of Poetry hands down
Can’t nobody see me
As I take a dive into your ocean
At the bottom of your deep blue sea
Not coming up for air
How do I suppose to breathe
Like Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
Soak and wet getting your body sweat
Putting us together the way we mix perfect chemistry
Soak and wet there is no stopping us
The way I fuck you until the sun comes up


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