Back On Track

Darling, you will always have that special spot
In my heart, but I cannot always have you
Physically here. You give me that megawatt
Smile that makes me feel better. I want to
Fall head over heels for you, but you still
Have me hesitating because although our
Lives are heading the right way, you fill
Me with some doubt. When I feel dour,
Sour and bitter love me anyways. Just
Give me time when I do not want to talk.
I should be able to respect and fully trust
You because you have me, but do not walk
Away with my heart because that is when
You lose me forever. You should have
Confidence in me too. It is only then
When you will hold more than that one halve
And part of me. There will be a day when we
Are back to being 100 percent and back on
Track. When that day comes we will be
Unstoppable and like a newborn swan.


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