Love Grows

Look into my eyes,

for a moment or an hour,

to see how my love grows,

as lovely as a flower.

Higher than a tower,

that’s higher than a cloud,

that’s how my ardor grows,

unhinged and well endowed.

Touching is allowed,

as well as cosmic bliss,

and Kama Sutra moves,

that start with just a kiss.

A kiss like this and that,

on your lips and neck and breast,

and between your trembling thighs,

smoothly shaven and undressed.

It’s the place that I love best,

with the taste that I adore.

Let my tongue worship you,

for now and evermore.

Open up your door,

and let me come inside,

just as wide as you can,

when it’s time to slip and slide.

We’ll both enjoy the ride,

before the afterglow.

Look into my eyes,

to see how my love grows.


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