My Favorite My Only

My favorite song is your voice
It’s all I hear in silence
And If I have to make a choice
I’ll make it guide my blindness

My favorite picture is your smile
I look at it to make me feel
I run to see it every time while
I lose myself chasing what’s real

My favorite pill is your love
I’m addicted to it and I’m saved
Against my will I got involved
And that was the happiest day

My only safe place is your embrace
Where I can hide and just be
Where I know I wear my own face
Where I forgive, you forgive me

My only joy is your laughter
Thousands flower grow in me
When you were sad but after
Hearing me you laugh so free

My only half is your whole
Being of that unsullied soul
Even with all blames and faults
I want it. It’s my pledge, my goal


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