My Wonder

It is your smile and your laugh. When I think
We are nothing more than strangers, we
Have become something way more. In a blink

Of the eye you become the center of the sea
And the axis of my universe. I count my blessings
Just like the stars. I wonder how we have come to be

Where we are. You always make all of the stresses
Fade away into the background. With all the feelings
You have become a part of are the successes.

Darling, we are breaking down the ceilings
That people told us we could never do together
And we have been honest with our dealings

Of this world. We get through the bad weather
As teammates and with positivity. I shake my
Head in wonderment, as you are my soft feather

And gentle hand, caring for the tears I cry
As I am feeling vulnerable. You leave me in awe
And speechless. I want to have it all until we die.


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