The Question Of Us 


Here is a hour
There is a minute
Where is a second?
We can ask ourselves complex question everyday
But we always answer them one way
Not another
Only one
Because harder the question
The more we know the answer to ourselves
Why am I this?
Why is he that?
Why is she that?
And the occasional
Who am I?
Well here is a question from me to you
Why do we care about identity?
It is not needed
I don’t like any
Because people still call you names behind your back
Good or Bad
Idiot! Sweetie. Moron! Baby. Stick head! Honey.
And then their are nicknames such as
This and That
This name is someone whose name has been altered
That name is someone who has a word next to theirs
So why try to answer those questions
We will just annoy the people who don’t see things we do
So how about we just ignore them and ask us new questions

Still can’t get rid of them
Neither did I at first
How about this
I give you an example
Bad guys in movies always ask questions
But only for their goals or something
They never question their identity
For what reason
I don’t know
Maybe they are too evil to think those questions
But if that is the case
Then I would rather be the bad guy
Because then I don’t have to question who I am
However if you do learn how to stop asking that question
Then you can live a life without the bad thoughts or whatever bad guys get
Questions for identification
They are odd
They always come in different answers
But for the occasional question there is only one answer
Or there are multiple solutions that end with a result that is the same
So that means the result is the answer
Simple as that
Easier than most thought
But what are those called
They aren’t questions
I am pretty sure those are suggestions
But a suggestion in a question form
How odd
What can those be called
Whatever they’re called
Then we run into it at least ounce a day
So can these things be better than a question
Math is a little bit tied with this
Science too
For math it can be a question like
What can you add subtract multiply or divide to get 1?
For science the question might be
How do people get sick?
However both of these can have multiple with multiple answers
The question thing that we are looking at only has multiple answers but by different people, one answer for each person
The seven billion people of this world
And possibly only two to three million has met this answer
Seven million people and only thirty percent has found the answer
Imagine that
Five point five million people looking around not answering this question or are searching for it
While there are already two point five million answer
Most are similar
However an answer is different from another
No matter how small the difference
(That might have been taken from Horton hears a Who)
So then
How would that work
People find things to do other things
To try and find this thing
The thing that is a form of their answer
But yet we aren’t in a panic
Some people who think they have the answer sometimes don’t correspond well with it
So how come we are in peace
Well not in peace per se
But in peace subconsciously or spiritually
Something or the other doesn’t really matter
I believe it is because we can live without that answer
Without the proof of identity
So we don’t need it
We just crave it
Very deeply
And I mean very VERY deeply
What the heck!
Why did we care in the first place
Why do we still care
Why should we care
Why Why Why?
There are so many questions from this
Why when trying to get rid of a Why question do more Why questions come back and we are still left with Why?
And then it came to me
What if there was another Why question before the Question “who am I” because a question
If so then what was this question
What is the question and since we forgot the question does that mean we have the answer
What if this Question was for us
But we didn’t solve it
Questions lead to Questions
Answers lead to Answers
If we don’t know the answer to one Question
We go to the one before and solve that one
So then
Where is this Question
What is it
The Question of Us
Oh my
This will indeed be a very interesting century!


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