You Are My Light

In the darkes my heart
where I thought all hope was lost
you appeared bring something bright
it’s your love that’s my light

I thought I had run my love luck dry
now I’m swimming in something new
have you touched the core of my heart?
Happy as ever

pain and darkness is fading
I’m becoming human again
Because of you

I thought the emotions I had
Were sadness and depression
Now I’m happy and cheerful again
Cause of your light .

You make me smile
When I could only frown
you pick me up
When I when I’m down

You make me feel safe
When I am to scared to move
All seemed lost
Until you came around

you have made me go crazy
we talk On the phone
it’s all new head spinning feeling
that I’m going to explore awhile

you’re my Light
To everything

sent from heaven above
So every Day I look up
To heaven above And
whisper thank you

My love is restored
Because of your light

I love you


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