Forbidden Fantasy

when she walks in a room
everyone just stares
I can’t help but
to imagine her there
just licking her lips
swaying her hips
as if it was all for me
not trying to be perverted
but with that body so fine
can’t seem to get her off my mind
she’ll take center stage
in my forbidden fantasy tonight

when she speaks
I can’t think straight
just want her closer
don’t want to push her away
but I can’t think
of the right words to say
so I just say nothing

bed time comes
I’m off to dream world
there she takes my hand
we drink & dance
pretending that we’re lovers
we start touching
touching turns to kissing
tongues begin twisting
she grips on my length
and I fondle her breast
removing shirts along the way

I bend her over
an unstable table
her skirt goes up
& her panties down
I’m like oh thank god
as I enter her pussy walls
our breathing increased
with each deep thrust
giving smacks to her rear end
she begs me for more
so I grip on her locks
pounding with no restraints
I bust my seed
so hard it makes my legs weak

yeah, I know
it was only a dream
but with dreams like her
who needs reality


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