Prayer And Shout

Ive never felt more open in my life.
My legs are bruised, and open to light.
State of mind was always lost in transition.
But I love boys and girls, mind now in completion.
I’ve been touched in the most mind blowing places.
I’ve lost sight however on remembering their faces.
Its like a religion every time I’m sucked.
A baring of my cross every time I’m fucked.

Its a strange kind of feeling coming to terms.
A zero fucks given about someones concerns.
A religious devotion between two or more.
should never be about a lyrical law.

For prayer is a request for a plea.
An act of love can help what you cannot see.
A shout however is the moan of anger or pure pleasure.
for the feeling of the act is the ultimate leisure.

Sex is an act of absolute love.
Over everything, rises above.
When I make love its somewhere between a prayer and a shout.
But trust in me I know what both pleasures are sure to bring about.

Sex. Love. Vanity. Equality. No Hate.
Love is love. Theres nothing left to debate.
Hypnotic phase. Lay me down and have your way.

Holy water has dripped into my soul.
All over my face, so sweet its made me whole.
The way you touch me, nothing else compares.
Holding of hands, we’re attracting some stares.
But it feels all so right. Its all worth the fight.
Making a change, opening the door with the key.
Being with you completes the emptiness in me.

Treat me like I’m no innocent boy.
Throw me around like your favourite toy.
The way you look into my eyes.
Lost in your gaze, theres no questioning why?
Together stuck in a love bound glue.
Staring at you is better then this heightened view!

Open my legs like a double door.
Leave me bruised and extra sore.
Scratch my neck and leave some marks.
Want them there even after this act has past.
Bite my neck, I love the sensation.
Order me about, ultimate dictation.

I’m letting you be the captain of my ship.
Because I’ll get you hard and rub the tip.
Tonight I will be your display show and holy grail.
Explore every inch of my skin in fine detail.
Take me to another place that I have never been.
A place so beautiful but worshipped with sin.
Make me moan, make me set sail.
Delivery box is open, now give me my mail.

Boy you know how to hold me down.
With nothing below but solid ground.
Harder and harder, with you on top.
Keep on going, don’t ever stop.

Raging rape fantasy and I’m in love.
Throw me to the ground, help me rise above.
So pure and its feels so good.
Who cares if we are misunderstood.
And even know this act no longer takes place.
Now only in my memory is your face.
And in satin sheets, hands in pants is my new place.

I’ll re-imagion it moment to moment all in my vision.
It will get me off the same way you did in strong ambition.
Self exploration is my new found friend.
Set the bar high to my new self obsessed trend.
Lost in the world of prayer and shout.
A new religion of sex without any doubt.


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