Lust For The Gym Instructor

It was many months since Jennifer had felt such strong desire towards another woman as she now experienced with Kathy, her pretty blonde fitness instructor. In fact, for a whole year Jennifer had been entirely faithful to her partner Levon, and entirely within his thrall. He was rich and attractive, romantic and attentive to her needs. He was a voracious lover. What was not to like?

Levon had kept Jennifer  satisfied, and in fact she had hardly even considered another person in a sexual way during their time together.

But now, taking in the young, wide eyed blonde who stood before her, who had the most perfectly fuckable hourglass figure, hardly covered in a little cotton crop top and tight white shorts, she felt all the old desire for sexual adventure flooding back. Not only that, but she was aware of her darker side, the predatory dominatrix in her box of demons rising within.

“Are you really thirty five?” the young girl questioned in disbelief as she stood with her hands on her hips, her legs planted wide and her sculptured belly thrust forward to display the glittering red jewel at her navel. Her large round breasts were high and firm, straining the thin white material of her crop top, and her long legs were toned and muscular whilst still retaining a hint of puppy fat.

“It really isn’t that old you know?” Jennifer replied, amused at the girls youthful arrogance.

Kathy looked away quickly, her cheeks growing warm. “Oh, no, no!” she spluttered, “I didn’t mean it like that. I meant, you look great, really toned and fit. If all my clients looked like you, I would be out of a job.”

“Well, thank you,” Jennifer purred, pleased at the flattery and by Kathy’s submissive tone. “But you will have to work hard to keep me this way,” she grinned.

“Oh, I will,” Kathy promised. “Now, shall we go to the gym? I need to check you out so that I can chose an exercise program to suit your needs. I can also show you how all the equipment works.”

“I’ll follow you,” Jennifer gestured ahead of her. She watched the pretty blonde as she walked up the corridor. She worked her gaze from the girls white pumps and ankle socks, up over her tanned calves and thighs, lingering on her firm round buttocks swaying fluidly from side to side like a pendulum, held tightly in the grip of her white shorts. She stole her gaze away from the girls arse, up to her broad shoulders and shining blonde hair and then down again to her perfect bottom once more.

Mentally Jennifer admonished herself; here she was with a girl all of twenty, who was eager and enthusiastic about the task in hand, and all she could think about was how she would love to be fucking the girl, and making her the subject of her perverse desires. I’m just plain wicked, Jennifer mused, biting her lower lip, but the images dancing through her mind were too enticing to quash.

The round globe of Kathy’s arse was so perfectly fuckable that it took all of Jennifer self-control not to reach out and grasp it. She could just feel her sharp nails clawing at the firm flesh. Hmm…, such an arse was made purely for whipping and fucking, Jennifer thought to herself. She dreamed of Kathy tied and bound to her four poster bed at home with her perfect backside up in the air for Jennifer to abuse as she saw fit. Jennifer kept a thin black riding crop beneath the bed for just such an occasion, and she would use it on Kathy severely if she ever got the chance. Her gift to the young girl would be a mesh of hot red stripes on the flesh of her arse that would make her wince as she sat down for days, nothing else would pay proper homage to such erotic perfection.

Jennifer was lost in her daydream now; a sweet young bitch for her to take as her own. She had not had such a possession for far too long.

Kathy began by measuring Jennifer, and Jennifer smiled with pleasure as she felt the younger woman’s fingers brush the curves of her body. Her nipples stiffened into two hard buds in her tight sports bra, and her pussy dampened and tingled. She bit her lower lip as her state of arousal grew.

Jennifer mind was racing. Given the opportunity, she would give the young fitness instructor the fucking of a lifetime. She would tie her to the heavy iron chair in her basement with white rope at her ankles and thighs. She would splay her legs, opening her up so that she could see the pink velvet of her pouting pussy. She would strap Kathy’s wrists up behind her head so that the girl’s heavy tits were thrust forward, and she would pinch the girl’s nipples and pull at them until the girl winced in pain. She would gag her, with her favourite red rubber ball gag shoved between the girl’s glossy pink lips and secured with a buckle at the back of her head. Hmmm, Jennifer thought, Kathy would thrash around when she put her best silver nipple clamps on those long hard nipples, and perhaps tears of humiliation would grow in her blue eyes, but the wetness gushing from her pussy would give away her lust and desire.

Jennifer owned a large black dildo with a harness which had been lying unused in her bedside drawer for months. Perhaps soon she would use it again. She always enjoyed the thrill as she secured it in place, pulling the leather straps around her hips and between her legs, securing it at her side. She loved the way the thick rubber cock jutted in front of her, and she wanted to see Kathy’s eyes, wide with anticipation as she approached her with it on, ready to plunge it deep into her cunt, or to plunder her tight virgin arse with it. That would make the sweet bitch whimper Jennifer grinned to herself.

Jennifer would pull Kathy forward in the chair and slide the dildo deep into her wet gaping pussy with a single thrust of her hips. Kathy would grunt and throw her head back as she was taken so forcefully.

Jennifer would make Kathy cum hard. Slowly but surely she would fuck the dildo in and out of the blonde, rubbing her own thighs against hers, her pussy against hers, her breasts against hers, until Kathy was groaning through the ball gag, saliva dripping from the corners of her mouth, her eyes wide with desire.

“Don’t fight it,” Jennifer would hiss into the blonde’s ear, “just let it happen.” She would open her lips wide and suck at the girl’s neck as she fucked her hard, the chair scraping across the floor as Jennifer pumped her thighs between Kathy’s.

“Yes,” Jennifer would purr as Kathy’s lithe body suddenly stiffened and shook as she began to cum. God, she would make the girl cum so hard.

“Hmmm…” Jennifer feigned interest in the machinery as Kathy lay back on the black leather bench forcing weights up above her head. Jennifer nodded and smiled as Kathy talked excitedly about the positive effects of the exercise on muscle tone, but her mind was somewhere else. Her eyes roved over Kathy’s beautiful body spread before her glistening with moisture from her exertions. She could feel her lust growing stronger by the second. She rubbed her thighs together and groaned inwardly.

Kathy looked up at Jennifer. “It’s not as hard as it looks, really.”

Jennifer nodded dreamily. In her mind she was queening the girl, right there in the gym, in front of all the watching men and women. She would spread her thighs over the girls face and have her ream her ass as she sat on her. Then she would have her lick her pussy for the first time. She would grind her shaved sex over Kathy’s mouth as the girl’s tongue wriggled inside her. The men in the room would openly masturbate as they watched her using Kathy like this and one after another they would cum, grunting, and firing strings of hot white cum into the air before them.

Jennifer would signal one of the men over. He was furiously working his clenched fist back and forth over his hard cock as he shuffled to the side of the bench at her command. Jennifer would pull Kathy’s head from between her thighs and turn her face to the man, guiding his hard cock between her lips and into her hot mouth. She would pull the man to Kathy with a guiding hand behind his buttocks until his stiff pole filled Kathy’s throat, and he would grunt with pleasure and gush his cum into her. Jennifer would pull the gasping, red faced blonde away from him with cum dripping from her lips.

“Are you ready for a dip in the pool?” Kathy asked.

Jennifer nodded eagerly. She wanted to see Kathy in her swimsuit, or naked as they changed, and to continue her wild fantasies as she watched her.

“It’s not open until six o’clock, but I have a key, so we’ll have it to ourselves for an hour. How does that sound?”

“Wonderful,” smiled Jennifer. This was just the opportunity she needed to test the boundaries, to see if Kathy would prove suitably submissive and open to what she had in mind.

They changed together in an empty cubicle. Jennifer heart was beating fast as she watched Kathy strip and reveal her firm body so close beside her. She licked her lips as Kathy reached forward to pick up her swimsuit from a low bench. The girl’s buttocks were so enticing; so round and firm.

High up on her right buttock, Kathy had a small tattoo of a heart with a name printed beneath. Jennifer reached out and ran the tips of the fingers of her right hand over it. “I love your tattoo,” she purred.

Kathy caught her breath and stiffened. She turned her head but did not move away. “Thank you,” she smiled, “a girlfriend dared me to have it done one night. I was very drunk, and, as you can see, I won the bet.”

“It’s pretty, just like you,” said Jennifer. Kathy blushed.

Jennifer leaned further forward to read the set of ornate letters beneath the small red heart. A broad smile spread across her features. “Who’s Julie Anne?”

Kathy stood up sharply and turned. “No one. Just the friend I was talking about. I haven’t seen her for years.”

“Oh,” Jennifer breathed, hardly able to hide her pleasure. Perhaps her scheme was not going to be so hard to put into action as she had thought.

“Were you close friends?” Jennifer questioned. She stood up and approached the younger woman who turned her back to hide her embarrassment. Jennifer felt the time was right to make her move. She placed her hands on Kathy’s shoulders and pressed her own naked body against Kathy’s. She pressed her breasts against Kathy’s back and her pubis against the girl’s buttocks. “Did she ever do this to you?” Jennifer whispered. She pressed her body forward so that Kathy was pinned against the wall of the cubicle with her face turned to one side. Her eyes were wide with shock and surprise. “Did she ever fuck you?”

Kathy nodded gently.

Jennifer stepped back and firmly slapped Kathy twice across her backside. The crack of flesh against flesh and Kathy’s surprised gasp echoed in the changing room.

“You wicked little whore,” Jennifer hissed, “Kneel down by the bench over there, with your arse in the air so that I can spank you. Now!”

“Oh please,” Kathy whimpered, “It was a long time ago, I was very young.”

“That’s no excuse,” Jennifer sneered. She pointed to the floor with one sharp nail. “On your knees whore,” she ordered. Her heart beat fast as Kathy obeyed. It was working, the girl was surrendering and she was quickly going to demonstrate who was in charge.

Jennifer spanked Kathy roughly as the blonde knelt beneath her. She spanked her until the round globe of the girls backside turned from its tanned flesh tone to a burning red. The spanked girl began to moan and sob. Jennifer smoothed the girl’s warm skin with her open palms, and the blonde turned her arse up and began to sigh gently. Her pussy lips were jewelled with love juice; she was aroused and eager. Jennifer spanked her again and she howled.

“Did Julie Anne spank you?” Jennifer questioned.

“No,” Kathy sobbed.

“More fool her,” Jennifer grinned, “sluts need a good arse warming from their Mistress every now and again to learn their place, don’t you agree?”

“I don’t know…”

“I don’t know, Mistress. That is the way you will address me from now on. Try once more.”

“I don’t know… Mistress,” Kathy whispered softly.

“Better,” Jennifer purred. “You’re a quick learner. I’ll have you trained in no time.”

“But I should be training you… Mistress,” Kathy pleaded. She was answered with a slap across her bare thighs and her eyes welled with tears again.

“I don’t think we’ll make it to the pool this evening,” Jennifer said thoughtfully. She sat on the bench and slipped her high heeled shoes back onto her feet. Then she raised her long legs and drew them wide apart. She watched the pretty blonde girl who knelt on the tiled floor beneath her. As Kathy looked up at Jennifer, Jennifer slid her hands between her open thighs and spread her wet pussy lips with her sharp fingernails to reveal the wet pink flesh within. She grinned wickedly.

“This evening, you are going to be my bitch. This evening you are going to worship my cunt with your tongue… until you can’t even feel your tongue. And I’m going to cum all over that pretty face of yours!”

Kathy crawled to Jennifer on all fours licking her lips. She knelt into Jennifer crotch and began her task.

It had been many months since Jennifer had felt such desire for another woman, but when it came it was all consuming. Kathy was her plaything now; her bunny, her bitch, her muse. “Now to make up for some lost time,” Jennifer thought.


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