Liquid Love

A delicate breeze wets my cheeks
Painting a desire across my breast
A erotic canvas for us to dance
Buried shapes in a reflection of one chance

Your alluring eyes meld into me
Your roseate lips ablaze my desire
Tracing and spilling as you inflame my needs
Provoking my urge
I draw you near as we empty the air
You peel away my imperfections smoothly and enticingly

I roam your virility spreading and streaking
As you dip inside my heated mouth
Glazing and rising as you distend
I suckle and tease your liquid love
You clutch my hair , I rake and roll your whole length
As you tremble you pull me near

Your masterful fingers ,discover my pink sheath
Pinching and releasing my heated abyss
You entice me as you roam
Imprisoned into my bones
Flowing as my lady unfurls

We peel away the fluster
As I enter into your shadow
You infuse into me
Rippling and releasing
Tracing the peaks of me
We build and merge together
We raised and we surged
Into a flood tide of forgotten dreams


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